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Fake-mysterious offenders against biological targets

(Not yet totally translayrf ftom Italian mirro file)

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May 22 2017

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The present English new file renamed Fake-mysterious offencers against biological targets is English part of the previous Pseudo-misteri e coinvolgimenti biologici / Fake-mysteries on biological targets as its old bilingual page - Italian and English - and with its previous name can be read as chapter on the Appendix of the current edition of the book: It's Abuse NOT Science Fiction

As a programmatic principle, we avoid naming anyone – if not sometimes within official quotations from others – as cause and even less as “culprit” of what is described as “abuse”. Only TWO names appear, and in evidence, those of two uncontroversially recognised criminals: Joseph Mengele and José Maria Delgado. No one can deny that the latter – now almost forgotten by everyone – can emblematically embody the uncatchable enemy, the human being who, for secret and military aims of mental control, would have wanted that two-way transceiver chips be implanted in the skull of people: on this website we merely quote what he himself writes – translated into Italian, too, in a Borighieri edition, even – and he himself divulges also through a famous video clip in which he appears as a matador against an “implanted” bull. All this is largely presented in sub-chapters of this file – Delgado and brain washing, etc.
(See also – The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein – Chapter 1 – The Torture Lab. Ewen Cameron, The CIA and the Maniacal Quest to Erase and Remake the Human Mind, and fragments in A technical overview of mind control tactics).
In parallel with other files from this and another website we administer, a polemical consideration emerges here – and with an urgent prominence - : both the culture of acquiescence and that of resentment are very widespread, while those of doubt and research are confined to a minority: it is consequently necessary to widen their diffusion, by any means, proposing questions, rather than declaring answers, from which, step by step, to try to put back together pictures closer and closer to verisimilar realities, albeit hugely diverse, and possibly also identify and propose feasible goals for precaution and defence.
A crucial point – present in this, but, given its importance, also in other files – concerns human beings who suffer because they are employed as “target victims”, but labelled and thus treated, instead, as psychiatric delirious patients. “So-called” aural hallucinations, for example, have been shown to be due to the presence – even radiologically proven – of microchips abusively inserted into the body, whose activity as two-way transceivers can be demonstrated with the opportune equipment; while from the outside focalised “sounds” can be transmitted directly with precision and for all sorts of purposes into the hearing areas of the brain of a single individual. And this is a problem of differential diagnosis of the utmost importance, already taken into account, but in a very generic way, in the fifth edition of DSM.

And here we add a link regarding suggestions and ways to help harmed people:
Criminal Justice Degree Studying Criminal Justice
This present file - so full of new criminal data - can in exchange answer to this ask and improve its learnings to support the general criminal knowledge.

Mr. GLENN introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Labor and Human Resources

What I there is no law on the books requiring that informed consent be obtained. More important, I believe there is a need for such a law, as there continue to be cases where this basic right--I do view it as a basic right--is abused. As I started out, I would like to put this on a personal level for everyone of my colleagues. You just think about your own family, your own son, your own daughter, or grandchildren who might be, the next time they go to a doctor, the subject of some medical experiment that they are not even told about. I do not think there can be many things more un-American than that.
Some crucial files endorse very pressing data: then it is very probable to have it repeteadly damaged. We ask to notice every not fixed link or every other abnormality for helping us to timely correct them.
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The previous bilingual filePseudo-misteri e coinvolgimenti biologici / Fake-mysteries on biological targets is redoubled on two pages: the Italian one - also accompanied by a pdf booklet Aggressioni pseudo-misteriose contro bersagli biologici  present has of the present file - by now also renewed as style, as placement and improved by new data and consideration - should continually be faced with the English new file renamed Fake-mysterious assaulters against biological targets: on its old bilingual page - Italian and English - and with its previous name   can be read as chapter on the Appendix of the current edition of the book: It's Abuse NOT Science Fiction

 "National security"? "Information"? "Control"?
"Classified national security information"
Section 1.1. Definitions. For purposes of this order:
(a) "National security" means the national defense or foreign relations of the United States.
(b) "Information" means any knowledge that can be communicated or documentary material, regardless of its physical form or characteristics, that is owned by, produced by or for, or is under the control of the United States Government. "Control" means the authority of the agency that originates information, or its successor in function, to regulate access to the information.
(c) "Classified national security information" (hereafter "classified information") means information that has been determined pursuant to this order or any predecessor order to require protection against unauthorized disclosure and is marked to indicate its classified status when in documentary form.

A document quoted by Wanttoknowm regarding Drones - aka Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Predator and Reaper
Heather Linebaugh, Sunday 29 December 2013 2811 comments
*Editor's note: Heather Linebaugh does not possess any classified material and has honored her non-disclosure agreement since the time of her discharge.
I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on
Whenever I read comments by politicians defending the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Predator and Reaper program – aka drones – I wish I could ask them a few questions. I'd start with: "How many women and children have you seen incinerated by a Hellfire missile?" Few of these politicians who so brazenly proclaim the benefits of drones have a real clue of what actually goes on. I, on the other hand, have seen these awful sights first hand. What the public needs to understand is that the video provided by a drone is not usually clear enough to detect someone carrying a weapon, even on a crystal-clear day. This makes it incredibly difficult for the best analysts to identify if someone has weapons for sure. One example comes to mind: "The feed is so pixelated, what if it's a shovel, and not a weapon?" I felt this confusion constantly, as did my fellow UAV analysts. We always wonder if ... we destroyed an innocent civilian's life all because of a bad image or angle. I know the feeling you experience when you see someone die. Horrifying barely covers it. When you are exposed to it over and over again it becomes like a small video, embedded in your head, forever on repeat, causing psychological pain and suffering. UAV troops are victim to not only the haunting memories of this work that they carry with them, but also the guilt of always being a little unsure of how accurate their confirmations of weapons or identification of hostile individuals were. The UAVs in the Middle East are used as a weapon, not as protection, and as long as our public remains ignorant to this, this serious threat to the sanctity of human life – at home and abroad – will continue.
Note: For more on war crimes committed by the US and UK in the illegal "global war on terror", see the deeply revealing reports from reliable major media sources available here.

For American laws - and so also for the First World - this EXECUTIVE ORDER 12958 stated which information should be considered "classified"
Executive Order 12958, EO microwave auditory effect, microwave hearing effect, Frey effect, artificial telepathy, aiming devices, acoustic energy, radar units, extreme specificity, incapacitating effects, neural disruption, microcircuitry, sizures, electrical impulses, tunability, biological target, sound pressure level, low-frequence sound, laser-induced biological effects ...

This file, by means of precise and documented descriptions of "mysterious" wounds or burns and their strange follow up, points out towards a better knowledge of advanced technologies used as unrevealed weapons abusing commonplace citizens with a technological extreme precision; as well towards strangely damaged "things" and very normal objects becoming suddenly something as true weapons.
Another crucial field of "biological targets" is the psychiatric problem of "hearing voices" previously considered as main symptom of schizophrenia; this mishap instead could be caused by a microchip rice-trasmitting RADIO inserted abusively into the body: this topic is very urgent since the present groundwork to prepare the new edition of the main psychiatric book the 
DSM-5 edition has to correct errors of the past editions.

But also unrevealed misdeeds - for example hidden sources of radioactivity or chemical harms - have to be explained and shared on this file.

From another site people can make free download of pdf files and also of COMPLETE books - sorry - only in Italian

Engineers Build 3D Acoustic Cloaking Device  Friday, 14 March 2014
Using little more than a few perforated sheets of plastic and a staggering amount of number crunching, Duke engineers have demonstrated a three-dimensional acoustic cloak. The new device reroutes sound waves to create the impression that both the cloak and anything beneath it are not there.
The acoustic cloaking device works in all three dimensions, no matter which direction the sound is coming from or where the observer is located, and holds potential for future applications such as sonar avoidance and architectural acoustics.

To a better use of the site

The book previously published at present needs to be modified. It's Abuse NOT Science fiction published on July 14 2005 shortly became OUT OF DATE and so required to present the novelties coming from readers comments, from new deeds and - MOSTLY- on present-day flash-back disclosures - to note that for some victims it is easier to write than to speak UP-TO-DATE DOSSIERS of It's Abuse NOT Science fiction = Gli Abusi mentali, fisici e tecnologici NON sono Fantascienza for the time being launched as supplementary book, supplementary but matching also by itself not only for propose simple improvement, rather mostly to share some new particular important DOCUMENTS: this file as chapter

Research with scientific supports

.Mendeleev's Periodic Table
science and math equationsMendelejeff Periodic table

Controluce è una raccolta di immagini scientifiche provenienti dai laboratori di ricerca.
La scienza procede per modelli e anche per immagini. L'osservazione dei fenomeni, gli esperimenti di laboratorio, l'intuizione matematica, le simulazioni al computer utilizzano in molti casi la sintesi e la capacità evocativa di un'immagine. Sopratutto, le immagini sono un irrinunciablile ingrediente della comunicazione della scienza, sia interna che esterna a una certa disciplina. Le immagini di Controluce vengono scelte e descritte da Ulisse con un lavoro di confronto e di dialogo con gli scienziati che le hanno prodotte. Si tratta di immagini che nascono direttamente dall'attività di ricerca, ma che hanno un alto potenziale comunicativo anche per un pubblico più ampio.

Scienza oggettivata in sofisticate Tecnologie

Data and consideration 

This covert war is backed by extremely advanced, zero trace evidence electronic weapons which can both monitor and attack they body's physical and mental functions, AT A DISTANCE, through walls and through the best conventional electromagnetic signal shielding available. This covert war has picked up the term "mind control" as a result, but visitor, please realize that there is a great deal of heavy handed ordinary crime used to "neutralize" targetted people. Breakins and sabotage, at home, in the car, and at work are used to totally "break" people selected for this covert warfare. (Quted from  Sabotage Photos and List)

Objects and facts described and depicted without precisely outlining the "how" and the exact "when"? Or worse: objects and facts as witnesses or their hypothetical meaning as symbols? Here it is mandatory to explain the argument with a - bothered - consideration: the presented pictures worthful, truthful, documenting witnessobjects modified by real happening to be scientifically studied; then it is urgent to point out strong and loud against whichever misunderstanding encouraging to believe that they have a whichever - troublesome - worthless  "meaning" as they showed marks, symbols, logo.... The shared selection of photos and CAD's researches on regard of damaged objects try notwithstanding to visually explain the main aim of the whole work: to prepare scientific data for recognizing agents cause of these or every other damage mostly they as a rule mistaken and/or mishandled. This file shows a selection of photos and CAD's elaboration with a summarizing description to display and explain such ABNORMAL facts. It is on purpose that in this file the documented data regard "normal", every day's life tools, placed in a common home - surely not into a battlefield area.
The CAD data are obtained testing the object each two THOUSANDTH OF MILLIMETER = 0,0000039*2  inches with a "touching" ruby ball and so obtaining more than millions of numerical data. For this reason the results are shown only as the flowed "images", since the mathematical data from which they derived are too many to be presented: however on request one can get them either in CAD software or also as a system more matching for everyone.
Strange deeds can appear, oddities are to be considered as really possible in a quite "normal" situation, the so called poltergeist is a real occurrence... Any way  the presented, surely not-poltergeist, mishaps in a private home not in a battleground happened in specific circumstances: not incidentally but looking as to be something alike aggressive warning advices, which to occur in a private ambiance validates moreover its importance and seriousness. Therefore what is the more momentous aim of this page is to certify that these anomalous facts, just and ONLY being so connected together, are giving a better awareness of their nature. Here in this page the documentation is NOT barely descriptive but scientifically and very cautiously chosen, even if the existing mathematical data and their visual depiction are presented only as a sample of the whole wide research.
On documenting - and NOT assuming a conceited to explain - real FACTS and real technical data, this file has a main aim: to offer precise description which can in turn become an "open window" for every new appraisal and comparative study and/or testimony; any way its proposal does not be a "banal" to argue on regard of whichever so called "paranormal" or "mystery".  The file/chapter title upholds in fact an authoritative ASK, then accepting every kind of possible answering suggestion: look for example an articles telling The eyeball starts to vibrate in response to infra-sound regarding "fake ghosts" relating them to magnetic fields and/or to infra sounds or whichever else "logical" inrpretation.
The demonstrative pictures are to be considered at first; but it is more to be strictly notified that between every one of the described or depicted facts there was a gap of years (look at the exact dates).     
However one has to point out another significant advice: both these so demonstrated damages are NO CASUAL mishaps, as well as many other  ones, which can be also precisely noticed as occurrence of happening, but not so significant in their outward appearance to be shown as scientific patterns. As the matter of fact an accurate documentation with dates and hours, compared to other "facts" and endeavors, displays almost always momentous concordances (Echelon?) something as a "Ping-Pong" challenge among who is hurt and his hidden enemies.
This file's aim is hence NOT to make "more valid" the damages, it would have been a banality! but it is compelling to make them to SPEAK by themselves loud and clear, to get for every one - mostly the cup's pictures - to be a teaching to avail technically an authoritative knowledge: the going on of such not-breaking, but instead precisely CUTTING force. But mostly the following descriptions - strictly related and confirming each other together - have also to explain the true and most worthy endeavor of this file: these "energies", (or are them to be called: "weaponry"?) can have as target not only "objects" but also HUMAN BODIES
The file's content drives to three situations documenting similarly done facts: just validating one to other the consideration of their manifestations by confirming their similarity of action. Strictly together and reciprocally supporting as a whole, the two damaged objects' exhibits and the personal precisely described experiences testify with data, visual documents - based also on mathematical simulations and diagrams (which can be given privately to whom ask for them) - to certify how it is possible to do similar exploits using hidden tools. Any way the presented damaged objects - the first photographed and also studied with CAD (ordered only many times after, in connection with other particular occurrences: at October 31 2003) - are very significant since indeed only as images they demonstrate that they both, although so solid, are NOT BROKEN but instead CUT. (As a matter of fact: to cut even a "normal" glass one needs at least a diamond cutter!).
Twice at October 31 and November 5 2002 this "strange, deceitful force" attacked directly a person, so precisely to can be dynamically described. It attempted to do something which seems to be "similar" against the reliable witness' body: it was felt and asserted to be like a backwash - like sea-wave when it is going back and dragging-pulling -, moving round, from left to right anticlockwise, pulling horizontally, trying to toss the person down towards corners, in a significant extent of time - minutes -, comparable with a sort of... "judo-match". These two "happenings" were described both persisting in a meaningful time - for seconds the first one, for minutes the other - as attacks which didn't change till beginning to ending, and acting without sounds, smells, light...,  lacking of every other signal even without leaving bruises or burn marks. 
And then: how many and of which form damages can happen against objects but also against persons? secretively, or disguised as banal even "domestic accidents" or also as "normal" falls caused by sudden heart-infarcts or brain-strokes - not even needing autopsy?
This page is made to document but moreover to ask: to open the possibility of a serious and profitable exchange of sure, documented, scientifically probed knowledge. It is NOT proposed to accuse: so it stops to describe every other not enough precise and specified data, avoiding every inference regarding other possible not well supported occurrences. Any way since other testimonies - even if for the time being not so much reliable - tell about "levitation" i.e. to be raised up - however if it could really happen, it could also even throw the body out of window, and so can make believe a suicidal act (a way not only to hit but also to discredit the target).
Thus the implicit ask: what is the characteristic of the "energy" displayed to reach those precise abnormal cuttings and deceitful dangers? 
Such actions can be performed with engines which can be produced as very real and even commercial tools, which can be bought even by everyone,  even with banal "order forms" in Internet. These powerful and deceitful "energies" are surely NOT something as ghosts' tricks, or science fiction Star Wars Engines, they are realities which could be managed by everyone, also or mostly by  not ever ethical persons. The main aim of this file is to broaden such a sure certification of the possibility to do similar "anomalous" facts, but even primarily rather to broaden a spurring ask: which energy? from whichever distance can attain its target and make so precise damages? (This is the significance of  the, in sum up unexpected, title given to this file.)
In fact especially this problem needs sure answers since these "energies" could so be considered likely beams or really used as them: therefore which could bethe technical engines to realize such a "weapon"? And by which other means one can get it recognizable? But the more: if a similar "force" assaults a person's body, inside not only outside? What will happen if it bangs twisting into a person's body as it acted on the damaged tea-cup? What will be the consequences if it CUTS internal organs, or blood vessels? It is very probable that its effects will be surely MORTAL.
And how, what, by which means can WE do to join a better knowledge and to effectively protect?
And than how can our pathologists or coroners understand what happened? how they can watch which accident caused so "strange" harms?  how they can even realize what is the happened injury?
Of course it is a very disproportionate match, disproportionate but not surely defeating: one can fight well really only on getting these facts, these matters, these situations the MOST KNOWN worldwide. But nevertheless one has to AVOID bare words or pitiful moaning: one can fight on an acceptable level only on pointing out and suggesting them in a way the most precise, seriously studied, accurate defined.

Witnessing a personally undergone mishap:
Two weeks ago something very suspicious happened to me. Always I come home from work on the same commuter train  (S-12 from Baden to Winterthur) at the same time (17:15), so it is easy to find me there. I enter the train relatively early (3rd station from the start) and most of passengers come in later at other stations. On the seat directly in front of me (and facing me) set one young woman. 10 or 15 minutes later, tired after long day of work, I begun to sleep. Suddenly I felt a quick, very strong impact into my solar plexus. It was like somebody poked me with a finger (or a pencil). It was too strong and painful to be a joke. I opened my eyes and saw the woman quickly putting away into her purse an electronic device looking like a mobile phone (or rather larger like a Blackberry). What could I do? I am sure it wasn't a physical attack – the train was full of people, some standing perhaps 20-30 cm from us. She would not dare to touch me. Half an hour later, at home, I checked my skin in this area. There was no bruise, not even pink skin. Clearly nobody touched me physically. It was some kind of energy sent into my body, but for what reason?
That evening I had blood in my stool. This does not happen to me at all – it must be connected to the attack. My intuition tells me that somebody tried to kill me. Perhaps the burst of energy can cause veins to break. Perhaps she was aiming at the heart and because of the train moving and shaking she missed.
Please let me know if you have any information about aforementioned device (weapon). Perhaps I am not only one who had this type of “accident”. Any feedback, any bit of information would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to share my experience with everybody. More people know, safer I am. Also, more people know- lower probability that the “Blackberry” will be used again.

Un raggio che taglia e brucia Da pochissimo tempo è alla portata di tutti uno splendido gioiello tecnologico:
Il LASER portatile a diodo di potenza.
Fino a un paio d'anni fa i laser portatili in grado di tagliare e bruciare si potevano vedere solo nei film di fantascienza o nei videogiochi!
Eppure è in maggioranza chi rifiuta di credervi anche di fronte a prove così convincenti, anche attraverso una così evidente documentazione: NON di "fantantascienza" si tratta, bensì ormai di banale oggettistica artificiale a diffusione "industriale", producibile e commercializzabile con le modalità abituali di qualsiasi prodotto.
Anche tradotto in italiano un ampio articolo riguarda le vere e proprie "armi" Robin BallantyneTecnologia della repressione in Le armi non letali; ma ben più BANALI e proclamati innocui sono i dissuasori ad ultrasuoni in vendita - come ad esempio in un normalissimo catalogo di vendite per corrispondenza di mobili e materiali per uffici e ditte varie -  a prezzi per lo più da 22€ a 28€: nell'esempio sottocitato anche con sconti per quantità, per due o più pezzi anche assortiti!.
BASTA con Topi, Ratti, Scarafaggi e Animali domestici indesiderati
(tutti con variazioni delle rispettive frequenze degli ultrasuoni per evitare assuefazione): - Derattizzatori ad ultrasuoni (da 30.000Hz a 65.000Hz)
- Scaccia scarafaggi ad ultrasuoni (da 18.000Hz a 30.000Hz)
- Scaccia animali ad ultrasuoni (indispensabile per allontanaredalla Vostra proprietà qualunque animale non desiderato da 16.000Hz a 23.000Hz. per 34,60€ con sconto per quantità 27,68€ . Particolarmente indicato per cani, gatti, animali selvatici e roditori in genere... Innocuo e non percepibile per l'orecchio umano.)
- Scaccia talpe e topi ad ultrasuoni (copre una superficie effettiva di 1000 mtq..., innocuo per persone e animali domestici).

E "spionistici", pretenziosi strumenti non da fantascienza ma da romanzi e film tipo 007 sono elencati in: 'NUOVO' WORLD INTELLIGENCE FOUNDATION: E 007 fa la spesa su Internet:
Insomma "inventano" microspie e anti-microspie, sistemi d'arma laser e non convenzionali e robe strane tipo generatori-propulsori silenziosi coni invisibili di sofferenza e l'inquietante Piranha - generatore-propulsore perturbazioni elastiche ultrasoniche per organizzare gli interrogatori delle spie e dei terroristi reticenti.... Oppure le microspie a onde convogliate che emettono segnali elettrici e non elettromagnetici e quindi non vengono scoperte dai detector. A meno che non si usi il nostro Sinclair M16 (Sinclair era dell'intelligence inglese negli anni '30, insomma una dedica: ndr) o l'Aldebaran. Insomma una cosa è sicura: è più facile procurarsi microfoni grandi come un'unghia e nascondere telecamere nel pomello del letto che trovare un tabaccaio aperto dopo le 9 di sera.)
E vedine, sia pure indirette, segnalazioni nel capitolo Artist/Designer Andrzej Suda's case

"Punti interrogativi" come pure "punti esclamativi"? Voluta ignoranza che non si perita di ufficializzare in un Atto Giudiziario la frase: "oggettivamente far parte della letteratura fantascientifica" ecc.?
Tutti i dati presentati in questo sito, nel libro attuale e nelle successive riedizioni sono rigorosamente controllati per evitare ogni rischio di equivoci e di erronee interpretazioni; ogni documento vi viene presentato a comprovare FATTI e - in mancanza di sicuri APPURATI elementi - evita accuratamente di proporne suggestionanti cause o peggio attribuirne responsabilità. E' da riconfermare che la dettagliata elencazione - parzialissima e solo esemplificativa - proposta nel sito e nel libro NON vuol essere una richiesta di esplicite proibizioni: ma ne vuole stigmatizzare e sottolineare la pericolosità intrinseca se impiegate con intenti esplicitamente lesivi da mani esperte e determinate, come pure segnalarne gli effetti dannosi in mani incoscienti e dilettantesche per scopi banali o persino per divertimento se non per stupide curiosità.

Ci scusiamo se qualcuno ha creduto poterci confondere con chi, in altra sede e ben diversamente da noi, ha attribuito la causa di questo "strano" fenomeno a ipotetiche "nuove" tecnologie non per evidenziare il fatto ma per comprovare le PROPRIE idee con un'ipotetica accusa.

Un equivoco da chiarire: "Non-lethal" Weapons?

Pubblicato e sbandierato invece si trova diffuso con sicumera anche il contrario di ogni negazione o incredulità, cioè schiamazzi accusanti le armi elettromagnetiche come speciale causa di ogni possibile ubiquitaria nefandezza. Ne nasce così il problema di una giustificazione secondaria all'incredulità che porta in un secondo tempo a controbbattere minimizzando se non ridicolizzando anche le notizie attendibili.
Ecco perché ad esempioin una dichiarazione ufficiale l'esposizione completa possiamo segnalare come causa di malintesi il - ben "materiale" - e già da lungo tempo conosciuto e USATO fosforo bianco, confuso con queste "armi-di-energia".D'altra parte numerosi sono pure gli esempi di informazione potenzialmente utile ma nella sostanza non attendibile e autosvalutantesi:elementi alla rinfusa non comprovabili, dati desunti dalla semplice, fallace "memoria" non previamente documentata originano clamorosi equivoci, se presentano descrizioni affastellate di danneggiamenti senza specificare i "come" e i "concomitanti quando", o  da non rigorose testimonianze che rimandano a termini non consoni - tipo "lievitazione" - alludendo a forze non dimostrate. Da considerare le descrizioni anche illustrate in Links e citazioni su segnali di pericolo e le disamine e discussioni in: Opinioni o peggio: accuse? e Opinion or accusation?
(Per la loro significatività, i paragrafi soprastanti sono presentati - quasi tali e quali - anche in altri file/capitoli per evidenziarne in altri contesti il contenuto: in particolare nei già sopra segnalati Opinioni o peggio: accuse? e Opinion or accusation?)

Fosforo bianco o Speciali "armi super-tecnologiche"?
Attendibilissima e sempre documentante in modo puntuale è l'italiana emittente RAI NEWS 24: se ne ricavano segnalazioni, illustrazioni e LINK su moltissimi argomenti fra i quali la lunga serie delle cosidette armi-non-convenzionali - non solo quelle "di energia" invece che "cinetiche", ma anche quelle chimiche - di utilizzo sia "privato" che apertamente "ufficiale". Un esempio di doppi equivoci e fraintendimenti:
'Non-lethal' Weapons? Speciali armi super-tecnologiche??? tecnologia delle "micro-onde"???
 (Da articoli sulla Guerra del Golfo - 1990-1991 - datati 2001) Come è possibile carbonizzare un corpo fino a renderlo irriconoscibile, e lasciare i vestiti intatti, neppure bruciacchiati?Vedi:  fotografie dei link 1 e 2 Come? Donne e bambini uccisi con le bombe al fosforo.
Dimostrato e denunciato - come già in altre guerre - il risultato del fosforo bianco, in gergo dai soldati Usa chiamato - WP -  Willy Pete. Tutti i dati presentati in questo sito, nel libro attuale e nelle successive riedizioni sono rigorosamente controllati per evitare ogni rischio di equivoci e di erronee interpretazioni. In mancanza di sicuri APPURATI elementi ogni documento vi viene presentato a comprovare FATTI e non a proporne suggestionanti cause o peggio attribuirne responsabilità. Per questo solo da quando la notizia è apparsa sui media possiamo segnalare come causa di questi casi il già da lungo tempo conosciuto e USATO fosforo bianco.

Da confrontare con le sottostanti dichiarazioni - ufficiali e... spudorate -
(Televideo 15/11/2005 23:47 Falluja, Pentagono: usato fosforo bianco)
Intervistato il tenente colonnello Venable spiega in sede ufficiale:
- Il fosforo bianco è un'arma convenzionale, non è un'arma chimica non è illegale. Vedi questo argomento anche nei files Testimonianze e dubbi: avvalorato in Segnalazioni di allarme: Internazionalicon descrizioni e figure.
Da confrontare con un articolo da leggere con attenzione:
A Gaza le vittime di ustioni presentano possibili sintomi di esposizione al fosforo bianco
di Amira HassHa'aretz, 5 febbraio 2009 Traduzione di Andrea Dessi per Osservatorio Iraq - Area tematica: Democrazia e diritti) Vedi anche l’articolo in inglese

English summary: general statements

Damages? Abnormal injurious actions against private citizens and/or actuated on objects whatsoever in absolutely "private location"? Biological damages provoked by unknown - or rather Which energy? from whichever distance can attain its target and make so precise secret - "external" causes? Enigmatic accidents and false mysteries? It is not this, it is not that, not even the other one: what is it then? But who possesses and handles these eventually very high-precision "unknown weapons"?
And how can one not be surprised by the extreme limitation and target accuracy and extremely complicated modes of action to reach it?
Objects and facts as testimonials or as hypothetical and highly abstruse - even irritating - symbolic meanings, as some postulate?
Knowledge is power. (Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est)
Sir Francis Bacon, Meditationes Sacræ. De Hæresibus. (1597)English author, courtier, & philosopher (1561 - 1626)

This file/chapter does not claim to cover a complete matter, it simply supports listing harms and their causes, related tools, and their actions, as well the consequences from their effects or the mishaps caused from - till now - unknown factors, and the ways to protect and to help. This file/chapter's SUBJECT and AIM do act - then - in a less broad field, but with a more exact and documented METHOD: a list of very detailed examples here describes situations regarding
  1. directed ENERGIES,
  2. MATERIAL OBJECTS - as performers or as targets
  3. harmed LIVING BEINGS.

Before to enter on this subject we ask to consider not only the bare script but its underlying method of choices, but also we spur to make similar descriptions, detailed and precise for catalog and study; but not only for studying: knowledge is power and then into a so problematic and dangerous field this search could become worth to save perhaps many lives. The main aim of this file is to broaden a sure certification of the possibility to do "anomalous" facts, but even primarily rather to broaden these urgent requests. To follow the comments and interventions of some readers, pointing to false certainties and presumptuous simplifications, and before starting on any other discourse a very explicit statements of intent is required with a strong even openly polemic stand to clear at birth misunderstandings that can disavow right from its foundation the basic tasks of the Association. Since we strongly hope to act to dissipate possibilities of mis-informative rumors and in conformity with these aims, files ultimately added after the book's publication are in keeping with subsequent clarifications and discussions for trying to dispel the paradox given off by the series of misconception of all kinds and directions - more or less in good faith - screaming "negations" and/or denouncement of machinations - more or less fanciful or obsessive. Similar basic intents and arguments are especially defined on the file/chapter Opinioni o peggio: accuse? and on Opinion or accusation?, and technical observations on the "old" but often improved file/chapter NUOVISSIME TECNOLOGIE? ADVANCT ECHNOLOGIES? TECHNOLOGIES AVANCEES?  SPITZENTECHNOLOGIEN? - also question marked - besides as well with every ones presenting "special mishaps" not only with bare words.
It is true that both, site and book(s), are full of a lot of images, some of which are put forward to point out reccomended links validating and confirming real logos of Companies and Organizations, cover page of quoted books and so on. But it is mandatory to note that many shared pictures are instead real photos documenting the shape of real facts or derived consequences as documenting proofs. Any way if photos do not be the real portrayed objects but merely their "sincere, fixed traces" they can enough begin to help for scientifically studying. Here again it is mandatory to explain this inference with the consideration that if worthwhile, truthful, documenting the photos witness objects modified by real happening. To better again explain it should be considered that - if on the whole site/book(s) there are a lot of images added to text to validate quotations, titles of books and names of Concerns just with their real and linked logos - these other series of images are placed for a very different significance: it is urgent to point out strong and loud this assumption against whichever misunderstand encouraging to believe that documenting photos have a whichever - troublesome - other worthless "meaning", as a result of the simplest one. This means also the urgent need to reassert that such texts and illustrations describe - do not "symbolize" - peculiar harms, anomalies, objects modified at fault circumstances and actions: even if still unknown, they do not be mysteries, but actual facts that so afford the possibility for true, concrete research to be scientifically studied.
Photos of lesions and anomalies, as well of modified objects: are they trustworthy? Should confuse how much are these stabilized objective witnesses scientifically apt to be studied as footmarks of real happenings? On other words: how much does damaging whichever misunderstand which encourages to believe that photos are only nonfunctional "decorations" or have a whichever - troublesome - "meaning" different from tracing a fixed shape of past facts? Besides - as quoted in some other "documents" - how reliable are objects and facts described and depicted without precisely outlining the "how" and the exact "when"?

Or worse: objects and facts not considered as witnesses whilst spread or extended throughout hypothetical meanings?
Any way present times are getting a very critical mass of material, not only a very tangled mass of happenings but also possible new utter developments regarding document able previous facts: with the "how" and "when", with the "where" and "effects"; any way with some examples very incisive, but on the contrary with some other demonstrating big misunderstatment and poor hypothesis given as proofs.
Any way if it is real that photos are only - poor - "images" but the "silent sincere objects" can furthermore be conserved as they are, and so - when asked only by reliable people - the photographed "originals" can be every time shown as they really were when the deed happened and as they at present are. But the main purpose of the whole work is to get descriptions to become constructive: fitting to impel more and more testimonies to catalogue their experiences and findings. It is to say again and again that the presented detailed data are rather and moreover ASKS for further - they also: complete and detailed - testimonies: only so this work can affirm its really helpful purpose.

Labeled by evident question-marks the title in the parallel file\chapter NUOVISSIME TECNOLOGIE? ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES? TECHNOLOGIES ? AVANCEES ? SPITZEN TECHNOLOGIEN? hints to point out the necessity to examine and confirm mysterious damages through documentations at the same time description and testimonial of technological research and\or crossed investigations; while the title - also with question mark - of the file Opinions or accusation? tries to countercheck and counterbalance serious misunderstandings derived from giving "special" meanings to factual data, naive and presumptuous defective abstractions "interpreting" descriptions of cases and representations of objects as if they were metaphoric indications of symbols. However evidence supplied by objects damaged or turned anomalous is far more reliable and truer than the uneasy rendering of personal experience or exhibits concerning highly complex systems as those of living organisms: it is for this reason that - methodologically - we would prefer as often as possible to study "silent things" rather than "talkative interlocutors", especially "to let things speak for themselves" than told descriptions or worse copy and paste second-hand articles. Notwithstanding the basic target of our work does not aim at preserving objects but at opposing all kinds of ABUSE and VIOLENCE - both words indicating actions contrary to mankind welfare - at least documenting them as stated by the Association Statute. Anyway our focusing on mental, physical and technological abuses directs us "on personal facts and sufferings", while our scientific culture in the social medical field uses to advantage the "fourth dimension" in living beings rendered explicit in MEMORY as arising flash-backs in its slow moving and intermitting turning into consciousness. In sum up parallel to this file\chapter becomes then the renewed file\chapter describing Experiments on children with its impressive real life experiences transcribed first hand and illustrated with photos taken at the time when the events took place. Any way even if "objects as witnesses" are more directly simple than personal talks, and if living beings are much more multifarious than "things" and their occurrences much more doubtful to be depicted and explained, nonetheless we repeat that the basic aim of our Association is to act against mental and whichever bodily Abuses impairing human beings and not to care for objects.On coming back just to this file/chapter, both objects and personal facts are here described and depicted to outline the difficult to understand their "how" and ask for new data: but objects and facts can fit as witness only if not dogmatically assumed. And so here on can find on this file - which also will be timely up-dated - new documented data regarding other facts and their connections, summarized and visually depicted.
But here a dreadful question has to be put forward: how many and of which form "strange harms" can hurt secretively objects but also wound persons disguised as causing banal domestic accidents"? And the more: what occurs if  similar "forces" assault a person's body, inside not only outside? What to do when apparent "normal" falls caused by sudden heart-infarcts or brain-strokes look so apparently "normal" not even claiming for autopsy? In fact: by which means one can get recognizable what happens if an "immaterial blow" bangs twisting into a person's body as it acted on the damaged tea-cup? What will be the consequences if CUTTTING internal organs, or blood vessels with a probable biggest hemorrhage? Not only it will become MORTAL but also a so giant blood flooding could hide - as it really sometimes happened - its causing proofs.Thus an implicit challenge: what is the characteristic of the "energy" displayed to reach those precise abnormal cuttings on things and hits on people's bodies causing deceitful dangers? And then how can our pathologists or coroners understand what happened? How they can watch accidents causing so "strange" harms?
How they can even realize that were injuries from external and not consequences of a "normal" illness?What is to be known is even that such actions can be performed with engines produced as very real and even commercial tools, which can be bought even by everyone, even with banal "order forms" in Internet. Then these powerful and deceitful "energies" are surely NOT something as ghosts' tricks, or science fiction as Star Wars Engines: they are realities which could be managed by everyone, also or mostly by not ever ethical persons. In fact especially this problem needs sure answers since these "energies" as beams are really used as aggressive rays: therefore which could be the technical engines to realize such a "weapon"? A crucial question since only a sure knowledge of causes can permit a well-grounded protection. Any way since some testimonies are not so much reliable, moreover when telling with novel like words - as for example "levitation" - notwithstanding something alike could really happen: and so a body launched out of window could make believe a suicidal act, a way not only to hit but also to discredit the target. How join a better knowledge to effectively protect?
All sites and publications, persons and Institutions are endorsed coming from direct advices as well as from alert surveys. But this is a tangled field to be continually revised: each suggestion must be thanked even if also faced WITH RESERVATION. Of course it is a very disproportionate match, disproportionate but not surely defeating: one can fight well even only on letting these facts, these matters, these situations the MOST KNOWN worldwide. This page is made to document but moreover to ask: to open the possibility of a serious and profitable exchange of sure, documented, scientifically probed knowledge. Notwithstanding it does NOT proposed to accuse: so it stops to describe every not enough precise and specified data, avoiding every inference regarding not well supported occurrences. Everyone
 does have to AVOID bare words or pitiful moaning: one can fight on an acceptable level only on pointing out and suggesting the way the most precise, seriously studied, accurately defined.

Correlations and analogies

At first it hints to point out and underline that in the described occasions - whether against material objects, or against electronic structures, or damaging hard-disk files or telematic sites, besides against living beings - the documented dates link to concomitances of possible causes and/or parallel effects; on the contrary it is to stigmatize that the lack of these syncronisations transforms to trash every possible description of facts - in spite of being potentially meaningful since very anoumalos.The "cup damage" happened - accompamied by some other mishaps not alike apt to be defined - on a particular day, May 22 2002 when the search for a surgeon to remove inserted microchip was on trial to be carried out. And thus, if  ''cup'' and the concomitants and not documented accident have been linked in the time to removal of micro-chips, the notarial establishment of the Association synchronised itself by two personal attacks: the first one on October 31 2002, followed by a similar-one on November 5. Paradoxically, at morning in a house of civilian residence, in a neutral place as the bathroom a silent and invisible force, strange and deceitful coming from the lefth and turning in the anti-clock direction towards the right - as in sum up depicted on the spiral's drawing of the little cup's cut - was felt similar a sea wave - when it goes back and forward dragging-pulling - or as a ''lazo'' catching the body in a kind of fight, trying to wrap and, following an horizontal direction, trying to toss the person down towards corners; a wave which lasted lots of seconds in the first case, minutes in the second one, but anyway overcome by the assaulted person. In both cases the attacks performed without change till beginning to ending: whithout any consequence but also - unfortunately - whithout leaving  documentble effects or at least perceived traces - for instance : sounds, smell (like ozone), light. . . and not even signs of bruises or burns. The above described personal facts didn't leave any personal damage as well another successive one happened not at home since on a street, also this time unsuccesfully in spite of its power and insidiousness. This afterwards attack, this new "wave" tried to hit, acting the same horizontally but instead in a "linear way": very strong, at same time at first unperceived, triedOn the contrary, other  cases regarding differents people had not similar favorable outcomes: an unknow force constrained a victime to weaken as she only collapsed, but strangely causing the complete fracture of her left zygomatic-bone. In another time and situation, at the time when a serie of events were very important for the Association's activity, on January 23 2008 a ''very evil attack'', very severe for its prolongation and sorrowful consequences, put, in a violent way, another victim down on the pavement - he described to have had the sensation to be on roller-skate - causing him some lesions, the lighter ones (!) nose fractured and some teeth uprooted.
On the following sub-chapter #enigmatic_accident it is possible to watch at precise documents: photos and anamnestic descriptions genuinely supplied by protagonists and direct testimonies. Also  other damages rising from unaspected action of very precise "energy beams" on commonplace people have illustrated documentation: look at just here below #finger_and_battery

The enigma of unusual and avoided street acccident

Just after one year till book published, strange facts happened giving mighty proficient possibility to document real proofs of a harm/advice against a personal body not only against simple objects. These facts left marks to be considered and held, not only a subjective description as the worthwhile cases described on the file/chapter NUOVISSIME TECNOLOGIE? ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES? TECHNOLOGIES AVANCEES? SPITZENTECHNOLOGIEN?. The more: to can hold such marks can give a very fitting exemplifying confront with and useful to explain the existence of not commonplace possibilities to make injuries: even a limited and in sum up not seriously harming deed can give an adequate meaning to document very general mishchiefs and to offer possibilities to study them. All material is stored to be published with the aim to get it examined by consultants, and confronted with other similar anomalous injuries as the described above on the sub-chapter general-statements.
Look at first on the here selected choice - only "selected choice"! - of pictures documenting either damaged clothings or uncommon and very difficult to systematize bodily harms. Most significant are the clothes since apt to be shared as themselves and not only as photos: the sandal heel for ever marked by the suddenly occurred erasure on its center; the "hole" on the right knee trouser showing burned traces above and horizontal and not - as a rule - vertical tear.

middle heel: rubber erased
On the precise medial part of the left heel the rubber-soled sandal - suddenly - became "erased" just on its MIDPOINT: look the image of the strange worn out zone and better on the more complete linked picture
"lacking" tissue of the right trouser, with its superior zone lightly brown as "burnt" not as torn.

cloth burnt not torn

And on regard of bodily marks it is to highlight very strange "harms".
1) Two parallel "dark lines" - to be noted: not painful - suddenly came out near the left knee, shaped as flames: suddenly appeared and slowly vanished on about fifteen days, changing colors from very dark brown precise lines to fading color light brown and ill-precise form, proving so not to be "bruises" - which colors go from blue to green to yellow - and also for the different initial and fading away shape and moreover since not being painful.
2) A strange "wound" - also rather only "bothering" than "painful" - on the top of the right knee sharing two different parts enclosed, more strange also since - even if apparently superficial - lasted five months before being healed leaving on the skin a little depigmented trace. A strange "wound" which never was bleeding and never making clot to become a scab: only continually remaining a little wet during the five months to heal, just when the proximal lack of connective began to ascend under the skin near the tendon.
strange dark parallel trails

piaga torpida da agente sconosciuto

above the right knee: increasing shortage of underskin

The dark line shared on the photo - at April 13 2008! - displays the shadow which proves the lack of connective tissue ascending from above the top of the right knee following the lateral tendon. (This lesion - ratner bothering only sometimes a little painful began from
November 2006 and re-ascnded along the tendon about till 2011-12 Winter. )

Therefore what results the more and more strange are the timing of these three very differentiate unusual "lesions":
  1. the first appeared as the strangest but resulted the minor, lasting without any disturb only for about two weeks;
  2. the second which initially seemed a "normal" scratch instead changed after few days and became a double lingering, scarcely secreting wound: healed after more than five months when left a little zone of depigmentation;
  3. but more puzzling is this third one: if it started at November - it is to say after four monthsApril 13 2008? This photo dates of almost one year and half after the fact? So another problematic trait implies the most awkward characteristic of this abnormal change in structure of the under skin: it seems to continue its ascending intermittent way which began at cm.1,5x2 till the present cm.1,5x6 (inches 0,6x0,8 till 0,6x2,50) from the occurrence - till then it didn't stop: slowly but sturdy it does GO ON step by step, with - time by time - causing some feelings of mild discomfort.

And here a summary of a so strikingly out of the ordinary occurrence.
On Wednesday July 26 2006 happened the fact but some traces were already about to disorganize and vanish since its iconographic testimony had to last from then till Saturday - when the biological evidences were photographed: any way at the left knee the "dark lines" share a very demonstrative proof of a not mechanic cause of bodily damage. But the other - at right knee - lesion(s) got unavoidable to add directly a more ample documentation with every explanation held during the further times: all powerful and verifiable document depicting the moving on of the "offensive force" and its source, unfortunately not yet allowing to recognize the source of its amazing ABSOLUTE PRECISION, neither with evaluations by a physics scientist and by an electronic technician, nor the expertise by a shoe-producer of hand-made shoes.
A short summary of the fact: on a normal well asphalt street just at the very first step when the street-light became green, a "backwash force" tried to throw down in a way that could more be fitting to favor then to oppose. Subjectively the feeling was to have the left foot entrapped or the sandal untied: occurrence objectively impossible but subjectively a true feeling on regard this moment and this foot. Any way, to fall voluntary to the ground as judo, or aikido made the damage so mild to get apparent only simile-bruises - but surely not as burns! - of deep under-skin, vanished changing form and colors not as usual in about two weeks.
But this isn't the basis of the fact: the lying down body was compelled to rotate clockwise as can afford the damaged clothes: a "force" so very localized to can be measured on the worn-out sole: it came from underground of asphalt, entered on the middle of the sandal heel, at first threw the person to fall on the right knee, and then revolved her on the skinned zone as pivot of rotation, got the body to turn around toward left after having embraced the whole left knee: obliging the whole body to rotate till the left shoulder - which only got little dusty. Summarizing as represented on a clock: the scratch on the right knee was at five o'clock, the left shoulder on three: it is to say almost a complete rotation: the whole in very few seconds.
Why then to say regarding a so amazing
absolute precision for space and time by the "offensive force"? Notwithstanding not only on this case but every time we "meet" it, every similar by us cataloged experiences revealed such exactness, but very surely in this case the particular timing of the deed shared that it was an ADVICE and not a deliberate harm. As the matter of fact "the force" threw down exactly forward at the springing of "green light" so exactly to suspect to be primed just by the "street light"; nevertheless instead really not one minute before and backward just when the maxi-tram number 4 - more a little train than a tram - was moving across.

Any way to be strongly noticed: such an eventual street accident or every eventual domestic accident as what described in the /tech_ask.htm file - moreover in bathroom - could be NOT accidents, but... something else: and so if I am writing also "who eventually did this" is advised!
We have already an appraisal by a physics scientist, by two electronic technicians, an expertise by a shoe-producer of hand-made shoes and by incidents experts: but for the time being we prefer to wait to put these data on the Web site, preferring for the time being to send only a private summary of this "incident". Any way when all will be accomplished we will try to add this newest report not only on-line in the site but also either on one on-line pdf to be downloaded or better on some printed pages to be sent to every one has already received or will have the book.

Backwash effect? A wave which pushes or drags? Feeling to inadvertently walking on the car road instead of on the pavement: an inadvertent arrival but a difficult being able to get back on the side walk if not making an engaging effort to oppose against the “force”?
To compare with the other described accidents here the notice of another strange deed happened on August 2nd, 2009 in a calm Summer evening at a serene Park path: again a not random date as in the days, if not as in the hours, when in every time directly happen or were pointed out very important facts in the activity both of the Association's protagonists and in publication of polemic information.
At least: a banal fall believed being caused by a very normal "obstacle" of a ground irregularity? On the contrary: thereafter the minimum excoriation on the left knee continued to be still marked by a well visible tiny red spot during more than six months; besides and more significant is the fact that - instead of a so apparently innocuous fall - unequivocal TWO DARK LINES on the right leg came into view lasting about two weeks - as the above describes ones.
and in well shared precise warnings.

ustione inizialeFinger and battery
These images and their story should be insignificant if not related to other facts: on regard of which if we can't give more precise data, rather we wish ourselves ASK for further evidences. A normal little table-clock suddenly shut down even if endorsing bacteries recently renewed: on opening the bacteries place to search why the clock was stopping a sudden electric discharge came from only one of the two normal little Duracell bacteries, producing the (fake-)burns on a finger's skin as shown in the above pictures. A subjective - fake - feeling gave the impression that the bactery was very hot: it is to say that it was very difficult subjectively to recognize the difference from a discharge coming from and a burning temperature inside. Furthermore it is to be considered that the sudden discharge "burnt" the finger not acting as a... minimal taser but in a very different way: entering, exiting and wounding objectively in a visible lasting time the only near not touching skin and not - as tasers' high potential perform - hurting subjectively for a short time the neuro-muscolar system.
Another strange fact for further inquiries is that the little clock - into which there were the bacteries - stopped for ONE hour and then started out again by itself at the exact minute.
These images and their story should be insignificant if not related to other facts: on regard of which if we can't give more precise data, rather we wish ourselves ASK for further evidences.
evoluzione ustioneBut a much more serious consideration regards the - till now - described "fake- mysteries": in fact  NONE of them actually caused any substantially troublesome detriment and/or dangerous situation. For a main example is this case: the little clock was placed near the let intact - surely more useful and costly - Panasonic multi-function Tel-Fax-Answering service; any way similar occurrence happened to the "cup" which was "cut" when EMPTY and instead kept safe a nearby pot full of honey. Therefore this wound didn't make annoyance even if the "holes" lasted for about fifteen days: a very different effect should have been if the "burns-holes" have wounded and lasted on the fingertips of the THUMB AND FOREFINGER of the RIGHT HAND, fingertips which had just handled the batteries for some minutes.
FOUR elements are thus to be considered:
  • subjective feelings can be deceitful;
  • the extreme PRECISION on time and space of the discharge coming from only ONE of the two normal batteries;
  • besides it is to ask for further testimonies on regard of the oddity already occurred to some persons regarding clocks and watches stopping for ONE exact hour;
  • it is binding to admit that till now EVERY DAMAGE and EVERY PERSONAL HARM caused no substantial hindrances or or real loss

 to confront with these severe - third degree - on elbow burns

severe Microwave/Directed Energy (?) burnsecond photo of a severe burn
Wed, 18 May 2011 15:35:19 Here are two more photographs of a recent and severe Microwave/Directed Energy burn on my left elbow. It's the fourth time I have been burned there, in the exact same location. Best,
 Michael Fitzhugh Bell
[Altre due foto di recenti e gravi USTIONI nella zon del gomito sinistro dovute - presumibilmente - a Microonde di Energia Diretta. E' la quarta volta che mi hanno ustionato qui, nella stessa posizione.]

powerful microwave cell tower disguised as a palm tree

Thu, 19 May 2011 11:29:26 This extremely powerful microwave cell tower disguised as a palm tree, was set up just two weeks ago directly across the street from my apartment complex. Coincidence? Perhaps not. It appeared overnight, one day it wasn't there the next day there it was. Best, Michael Fitzhugh Bell
(Vedi anche / go also to Le-antenne-assassine)

Non dita e gambe e braccia ...  ma facce.

Sono caduta e mi sono accorta immediatamente che nel momento in cui andavo in terra (nei pochissimi secondi che ho impiegato) ho pensato “non devo appoggiare la faccia” ma non sono riuscita a tenerla sollevata come se qualcosa mi spingesse la nuca e con fatica sono solo riuscita a girarla in modo da battere lo zigomo e non il naso o i denti e poi mi sono stupita che mi fosse venuto questo pensiero-.
Anche in questi altri casi si tratta di corpi umani - obbiettivamente cioè strutture del peso di circa cinquanta chili - abbattuti a terra in modo impossibile da confondere con un "inciampo" personale, in un contesto urbano di piena normalità e in una sede stradale caratterizzata di una pavimentazione molto regolare - corso Mediterraneo e via Nallino. A render più inquietante questo argomento ci sono stati sgnalati altri casi di analoghe cadute impreviste e quasi assurde ma non possiamo presentarli in quanto non corredati da ulteriori dettagli: al contrario della possibilità di raccogliere precisi, docunmentati e circostanziati particolari soggettivi, testimoniali e oggettivi per quanto riguarda i due casi qui approfonditi. Per entrambi sensazione soggettiva non era quella di venir trattenuti e fatti cadere da un "piede bloccato", ma da un qualcosa che "trscinava in avanti": l'una - soggettivamente - dalla borsa che anzi in quel momento non era certo pesante, l'altra con la sensazione di venir  trascinata dalla propria velocità come quando si corre a "rotta di collo" in discesa, pur invece avendo soltanto accelerato l'andatura del cammino non certo iniziato a correre.
Ma caratteristica peculiare di questi casi è stata il loro succedersi - CONSAPEVOLE - in più tempi come ad opera di plurimi "strumenti di energia": un primo tempo relativamente lungo di possibilità coscientemente soggettiva di scelta tra resistere o cadere come in una "lotta" tipo Judo o Aikido - vedi analoga descrizione nel file/capitolo NUOVISSIME TECNOLOGIE? - seguito da un secondo tempo di "come" cadere e da un terzo tempo di non resistibile rotazione: le documentazioni testuali e fotografiche si trovano nei paragrafi successivi.
Copio da una mail un episodio di addestramento bellico e semplicemente lo trasmetto tale e quale, in quanto potrebbe assomigliare al meccanismo d'azione del primo tempo di questi episodi avvenuti invece in territorio di pace e contro cittadini inermi.
I militari stavano testando i "vermi" (variatori di temperatura termostatica ad alta definizine) viaggiavamo su mezzi corazzati, la zona desertica era circondata da massicci rocciosi, la terra era arida e battuta. Con noi viaggiano delle "cavie": adulti maschi. Ci fermiamo: il comandante dice di liberarli, loro scappano. I militari tirano fuuori un martello pneumatico a compressione, inseriscono all interno una capsula lunga 10 cm. Il VERME era fatto con materiale trasparente ed elastico come i tubi delle aspirapolvere; al suo interno si vedevano i circuiti violacei collegati a una palla "LA TESTA". Con il martello lo sparano sotto terra a 1m. di profondità: l'arma inizia la sua ricerca, rileva la temperatura e colpisce gli uomini fuggiti; saranno a 500 massimo 700 metri li butta giu' come birilli: un verme una persona e cosi' via cadono tutti in avanti. I militari esultano: dicono"STECCHITI!".

Ed ecco le descrizioni precisa di queste azioni inaspettate contro "civili" inermi in luoghi ben lontani da scenari di guerra: comunque in nessuno dei tre casi più documentati - corso Turati, corso Mediterraneo, e soprattutto via Nallino - le lesioni e il loro decorso assomigliano ad alcuna lesione riscontrabile in pubblicazioni anche specialistiche persino di guerra.

Prima strana caduta in tre tempi: caduta controllata senza effetti contusivi se non minimi seguita da un rotolamento di tutto il corpo di poco più di 90°, seguita da una più forte ondata di "energia" che spingeva anzi cercava di tener schiacciata a terra la testa; il tutto in modo descrivibile non solo in forma soggettiva e/o testimoniale ma documentabile dal riscontro obbiettivato delle lesioni riportate e dai danni agli ndumenti indossati - vedi Referto Medico-Legale del 23-10-2009. Una "normale caduta" incidentale prosegue in una traiettoria che tende "in avanti", lasciando tracce in senso sagittale sia come contusioni e abrasioni, sia come lacerazioni degli indumenti: rotazione orizzontale addirittura DISEGNATA invece nella sfilacciatura della trama della stoffa del pantalone destro. E se già ben strano in un ambito di "normale piccola infortunistica" era il tempo e modo iniziale concesso a una "riflessione" cosciente che offriva la possibilità di opporsi - vedi il paragone con il Judo - ben più caratteristico come nel mancato incidente stradale in questo e chissà in quanti altri simili incidenti era stato l'effetto di "rotazione" orizzontale successivo alla caduta lineare: un urto contusivo perpendicolare su di un ginocchio avrebbe coinvolto l'articolazione ed invece - come da perizia Medico Legale di cui sono a disposizione i risultati e le fotografie - la vasta ecchimosi della parte mediale del ginocchio sinistro e la sua rapida risoluzione era come se descrivessero soltanto l'avvenuta rotazione, dimostrandone l'effetto attrito dell'origine tangenziale. Altrettanto superficiale e di scarsa gravità risultava nei fatti l'ematoma contusivo che circondava l'orbita destra, mentre Perizia e protagonisti avevano IGNORATO un elemento - per fortuna invece presente nella DOCUMENTAZIONE FOTOGRAFICA - di ben maggior interesse: i bizzarri particolari circondanti l'orbita controlaterale.
Il riscontro obbiettivo iniziale e le osservazioni successive ne avevano del tutto sottovalutato persin la presenza stessa di anomali segni cutanei, comprese evidenti sotto il sopracciglio sinistro le due tipiche strisce marroni di ossidazione del connettivo che si direbbero il "marchio di fabbrica" di questi doppi "strumenti di offesa" agenti in due tempi: verticale dal basso e rotatorio in senso orizzontale. A differenza degli altri casi però qui i segni sono numerosi e imprecisi: ma il confronto di queste tracce obbiettivabili con le sensazioni soggettive non solo immediate ma anche minuziosamente ricostruite nella memoria sta ad indicare visivamente il percorso dei tentativi - INUTILI - di rialzare la testa:  ci si trova cioè in presenza di un
tracciato dinamico che graficamente riprcorre la contrapposizione delle forze in gioco, un tracciato che deve richiamare al massimo l'attenzione perché in qualche modo vi si ritrova la FIRMA DELL'ENERGIA AGENTE, in via indiretta soggettiva ne indica pure la potenza e il pre-determinato tempo di azione.

doppie tracce marroni e rossastre controlaterali alla lesione principaleSe induttore della caduta in avanti - come molto probabilmente nel caso del "mancato incidente stradale" - era il movimento del piede in accelerazione, e se l'effetto rotatorio di tutto il corpo è segnalato indirettamente anche nella Perizia Medico legale dalla piccola lesione del mignolo destro: in almeno tre ondate la "forza" spingeva e teneva schiacciata a terra a destra la testa tanto che, anche iconograficamente, le nette tracce visualizzabili a sinistra rivelano una dinamica "lotta" per risollevarla. Le varie doppie strisce marroni intorno all'occhio sinistro oltre ad una piccola non sanguinante abrasione del margine laterale del sopracciglio descrivono indirettamente il contrasto e i tentativi di rialzare la testa: a accentuare la dimostrazione visiva di questa dinamica sono evidenziate nella fotografia le serie abbastanza disorganizzata di doppie strisce marroni  molto più interessanti quindi del vistoso ematoma superficiale controlaterale.

La seconda testimonianza diretta - questa anche suffragata da osservatori esterni - di un bizzarro "tuffo come se qualcosa spingesse la nuca"  introduce un nuovo capitolo di questi effetti aggressivi: non solo la caduta ma un previo SOLLEVAMENTO - tipo "lievitazione" - del corpo.

ustione da radiazioni ionizzanti?
Sabato 20 marzo camminavo in via N. poco oltre via F. sul marciapiede costruito con blocchetti in cemento autobloccanti la superficie è abbastanza regolare e di recente fabbricazione. Indossavo le scarpe da ginnastica con suola di gomma che porto sempre da circa un anno. Avevo a tracolla la solita borsa (non la cambio mai) con dentro le solite cose, mancava solo il libro da leggere che porto quando viaghgio in autobus quindi era più leggera. Accanto a me comminava P. (mio figlio di 13 anni), circa 3 metri indietro mio marito B. Sono caduta e mi sono accorta immediatamente che nel momento in cui andavo in terra (nei pochissimi secondi che ho impiegato) ho pensato “non devo appoggiare la faccia” ma non sono riuscita a tenerla sollevata come se qualcosa mi spingesse la nuca e con fatica sono solo riuscita a girarla in modo da battere lo zigomo e non il naso o i denti e poi mi sono stupita che mi fosse venuto questo pensiero  inoltre  subito dopo (appena rialzata) ho ricordato di aver  avuto, mentre cadevo, la sensazione che la borsa fosse diventata pesantissima è ho pensato che fosse stato il peso della borsa a tirarmi a terra P. era esterefatto mi ha chiamata più volte e continuava a ripetere mamma hai fatto un guizzo verso l’alto quasi come un tuffo  non sei caduta direttamente ma ti sei spinta in alto e avanti e sul finale hai inarcato la schiena , appoggiato la faccia e sollevato il sedere , ripeteva “come un tuffo” “quando uno cade non pianta la faccia e alza il sedere” B. era 3 metri indietro e anche lui mi ha chiesto “come hai fatto??”  “ti sei spinta avanti come se ti tuffassi” non riusciva a spiegarsi come potevo aver fatto a cadere in quel modo.

Subito dopo l'incidente la zona zigomatica appariva tumefatta in misura del tutto sproporzionata - la fotografia è stata scattata parecchi gorni dopo il fatto - ma poco dolente anche se le strane strisce BIANCO-CERAMICA quasi coprivano l'occhio. E altrettanto peculiare ne è il seguito: ancora dopo mesi la zona appare scurita come fosse MOLTO ABBRONZATA in modo anomalo e difforme al resto della carnagione. Questa "deturpazione" è lentamente - parecchi mesi - scomparsa curata sistematicamente con una pomata a base di un fortissimo antiossidante, l'acido tioctico, forse a dinostrazione della sua origine da un fenomeno OSSIDATIVO, a carico del collagene e non dei melanociti.
(Tanto in questo caso come in quello del falso incidente di corso Turati, parecchi rilievi mirati non hanno segnalato valori anormali di radioattività: sempre tra 0,09 e 0,14 microsievert/ora. escludendo così - almeno pare - radiazioni ionizzanti come causa delle "false pigmentazioni". )

Inserted microchips - RFID - and fake-schizophrenia

Microchip nel cervello: privacy a rischio

Most RFID devices contain at least two parts: 1) An integrated circuit for storing and processing information, modulating and demodulating a radio-frequency (RF) signal; and 2) An antenna for receiving and transmitting signals. With the second RFID part, the antenna, implanted subject can receive sounds, even verbal orders, and thus be subjected to control against his or her best interest, a method of mind control. With the antenna, the subject can also receive electronic pain and injury meeting torture criterion. The antenna has capacity to covertly assassinate the target by directing electric energy from hand-held devices or satellite to a vulnerable body or organ part. Thus, cause of death is attributed to the subject's vulnerability recorded in medical records and viewed by most people as death by "natural cause." (For information on NSA neural remote monitoring, see NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation,

Tommy Thompson, candidato alle elezioni presidenziali del 2008, nonché ex ministro della Salute e dei Servizi Umani (Health & Human Services), era membro del consiglio di amministrazione dell'azienda Verichip (notissima produttrice di microchip) fino al marzo del 2007, e lavorava per la FDA quando tale ente nel 2004 ha approvato l'uso del VeriChip per fini medici.

WIRES IN THE BRAIN (Fili elettrici nel cervello
Luce347 | 29 luglio 2009

 -WendyWendy 2

Remote-controlled cockroach)
Remote-controlled cockroach
microchip seno mascellare

Dear Reader, Welcome to the DSM-5 Development Web site.  This site provides information culminated from over 10 years of revision activities, made possible thanks to the generous dedication of more than 600 global experts in the field of mental health. The DSM-5 Task Force and Work Group members are working to develop criteria for diagnoses that not only reflect new advances in the science and conceptualization of mental disorders, but also reflect the needs of our patients. We encourage you to delve into the wealth of information contained within this site to become familiar with some of the advancements in scientific and clinical knowledge that will assist in making diagnoses more accurate, valid, and clinically useful.  We also hope that this knowledge will pave the way for further research in these important areas. Your input, whether you are a clinician, a researcher, an administrator, or a person/family member affected by a mental disorder, is important to us. We thank you for taking part in this historic process and look forward to receiving your feedback.
David J. Kupfer, M.D., DSM-5 Task Force Chair
Darrel A. Regier, M.D., M.P.H., DSM-5 Task Force Vice-Chair

The main  psychiatric text edition DSM-5. The basics of this book are in sum up good or even very good but there are some very FAKE assumptions which must be contested and mended: in particular [read from page 297] the main criterion by which the doctors can put a "sure" diagnosis of Schizophrenia is based on an unilateral description of hearing voices.
But just exactly this description satisfies even more better the depiction furnished by people who are surely - demonstrated - implanted with abusive receiving-trasmitter broadcast microchips: our crucial call regards the possibility to URGENTLY search technological effectual means for documenting and sharing these EXTERNAL VOICES. To utterly explain and display this issue can then give a real possibility to revise the DSM: to MEND for ever such mistakes which are not only "faults" but also ways for evil people to silence - as "mad" - their opponents.

No unique diagnostic specificity for these characteristic symptoms in comparison to others has been identified and consequently there is no basis for treating these symptoms as being pathognomonic.
4. Requirement that at least one of the characterisic symptoms be delusions, hallucinations, or disorganized speech. Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder and psychosis is defined by reality distortion (delusions and hallucinations) and severe disorganization (disorganized speech).
We considered adding cognitive impairment as a characteristic symptom, but recommended against doing so because of its lack of diagnostic specificity and limited information about the impact of such a change. It was considered a key aspect of schizophrenic psychopathology, however, and is recommended as one key dimension to be measured across patients with a psychotic disorder.

(The file Microchips impiantati nel corpo umano endorses further and more precise explanation)

morbo di  Morgellons.
Ed infine va segnalato l'imparziale - terrificante - esperimento
CIBERNETICA Infettato da virus informatico" Esperimento di uno scienziato
Mark Gasson, dell'università inglese di Reading, si era fatto impiantare un chip. E ha dimostrato che un software maligno può trasferirsi tra individui e computer: In futuro i pacemakers potrebbero essere oggetto di cyber-attacchi. Ogni altro chip che viene a contatto con il sistema infetto contrae il virus a sua volta - ha spiegato Gasson alla Bbc - e questo lascia intravedere la possibiltà che in futuro apparecchiature di uso comune come i pacemakers possano essere oggetto di cyber-attacchi. Dunque, al di là dei suoi sbocchi futuristici e progressisti, l'importanza di questa scoperta sta nell'aver rivelato le potenzialità invasive dei virus per computer, capaci di diffondersi seguendo ritmi e percorsi ancora ignoti alla scienza umana.

High relevance links: European and Italian
AVae-m Associazione Vittime armi elettroniche-mentali

A CRUCIAL NOTE AND A WORLDWIDE CALL: crucial need for differential diagnosis
At the main psychiatric text edition DSM-V the basics of this book - also previously in sum up good -  sometimes are misuses based but FAKE assumptions to be contested and mended: in particular [read from page 297 of the old edition] the main criterion by which the doctors can put a presumed "sure" diagnosis of Schizophrenia is based on an unilateral description of hearing voices. But just exactly this description satisfies even more better the depiction furnished by people abusively receiving-transmitter broadcast microchips: this crucial call regards the possibility to URGENTLY search technological effectual devices for documenting and sharing these NOT INNER VOICES. To utterly explain and display this issue can thus give a real possibility to revise the DSM for MENDING for ever such mistakes: not only “faults”: damaging either trustfulness of doctors or - much more - the real health and very life of patients, but also for impeding evil people to silence their opponents with extreme unremitting suffering or letting them to be deemed as “mad”.
who are surely - visually demonstrated - implanted with.
A report among many others relates the presence of “foreign objects”:

On the MARKED scans one can see a “foreign (?) object”, definitely “hyper-intense” compared to the surrounding organic structures, an object however lacking of the artificial effects coming from paramagnetic metals. This little foreign object is similar to a nail and looks to be placed into a little structure looking as a little box less dense than the “nail” itself: an object “hyper-intense” and a squared structure very unusual on whichever organic stuff.
To summarize and point out: it is crucial to maintain that the quotes regarding schizophrenia on the DSM MUST be mended, and it is basic to assume that the most possible of professionals and Health care organizations should be involved: for everyone it is necessary to personally search to know and quote every new FIRST HAND evidences - not only citing the ones already widespread shared and/or published on blogs. To utterly explain: to display this issue can then give a real possibility to revise the DSM. Furthermore to recognize for ever its mistakes can mend not only "faults" damaging doctors' awareness and possibility to really care patients but also block to use a so important source of knowledge as is DSM to silence opponents targeting them as schyzophrenes".
To follow this aim a concrete fact should be added also and mostly for being at maximum shared to worldwide professionals: the SIGNAL emitted by an inserted "broadcast SPEAKING microchip" have been really directly DETECTED - and not only viewed its shape evidenced on Rx or MRI scans. This experience happened in TWO times: at first a little inexpensive - twenty two Euro - Spies detector
We are trying to share and discuss among Italian correspondents and here I do not translate the many exchanges of - some times very valuable - answers and related asks. Any way it is crucial to maintain again the quotes regarding the DSM to be mended for getting involved the most possible of professionals and Health care organizations). Moreover it is fitting to share that an Italian victim who relates some precise references of "outer voices talking inside her skull", laments also some different, definite symptoms and supports her statement by documental proofs: a lot of these strange signs looks very alike to the Morgellons disease ones.
gave an absolutely astonishing result when put at about more than 50 inches (10-15 cm.) near the right ear of a suffering person: not put less than 0,04 inches - 1 or few mm. - as written on the instructions for use. At the FIRST time the led of the "detector" suddenly became red pulsing and blinking and the engine emitted also an intermitting acute sound: such a powerful "detection" was utterly unexpected: on the proofs to set the device power to recognize emitted signals we used cell-phones more or less powerful, more or less near but NEVER we had this ultra-maximum result. But at the SECOND time - and this is the bigger result on the contrary of appearances - quickly, or better not so quickly: during some seconds, red light and sounds ended and the green led of stand-by appeared again and didn't move any more. But we believe that the "second" phase has to be even more noticed for our aim: why then is it so hard to detect - and even know the wave-length - of broadcasting micro-chips? Simple: their system are made to know how can make transmitted communications safer, since with "remote control" they can turn off the transmitting part in case of danger to be detected. (Such devices are normally on sale: only for something more than 1000 Euro).
The Carnicom Institute will host a vital conference the weekend of October 22nd - 23rd, 2011 on health and environmental issues that affect us all. The Carnicom Institute, a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization, conducts scientific research for the benefit of humanity. This conference will confront the deliberate alteration of our planet, including the subjects of geo-engineering, bio-engineering, and the Morgellons connection. A ground-breaking documentary will be premiered at the event. The Saturday evening workshop will engage the audience in a hands-on learning experience., or leave us voicemail at 505.629.1484.
The MRF is dedicated to raising awareness and research funding for this poorly understood illness, which can be disfiguring and disabling, and affects people of all age groups including an increasing number of children.  The number of families currently registered with the MRF is believed to represent a fraction of the true number of affected families. Morgellons is an unexplained and debilitating condition that has emerged as a public health concern.  Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has received an increased number of inquiries from the public, health care providers, public health officials, Congress, and the media regarding this condition. Persons who suffer from this condition report a range of coetaneous symptoms including crawling, biting and stinging sensations; granules, threads or black speck-like materials on or beneath the skin; and/or skin lesions (e.g., rashes or sores) and some sufferers also report systemic manifestations such as fatigue, mental confusion, short term memory loss, joint pain, and changes in vision.
Human Microchip Implants , Electronic Torture, & Mind Control - A Personal Account
Get ready. A new science is developing that victimizes countless individuals and promotes bigotry and inhumane practices on an inconceivable scale. That science involves the use of involuntarily implanted microchips in humans. A new form of torture and mind control from traditional methods, the science is little understood and little accepted in the scientific community. Psychiatrists and other doctors treating victims of microchip implants normally mis-diagnose their symptoms as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Even writing about such a topic almost automatically labels one schizophrenic, paranoid, or, in the least, a crackpot. First, let me say a word about microchip devices. Microchips are tiny instruments that drive various functions of computers and other electronic equipment. They are about the size of a large B-B pellet; however, they are getting increasingly smaller. Veterinarians started implanting them in dogs, cattle, and horses fifteen to twenty years ago to allow the owners to track their animals and prove ownership. Today’s microchips are almost microscopic and represent state-of-the-art technology. Manufactured from silicone, they are virtually impossible to detect once they are implanted. A little over a year ago, while living in Mexico, many bizarre and menacing events began occurring in my life, things that completely bewildered me. I knew that I was not schizophrenic or paranoid. Although in my late sixties, I enjoy extremely good mental and physical health. As those actions became increasingly threatening, I ever-so-gradually learned that I had become the victim of an involuntary microchip implant. One of three dentists that I used in Mexico probably injected the tiny chip into my gum tissue or embedded it in a crown. Also a hair transplant specialist in the United States had the opportunity to implant the microchip in my head. All of those suspects belong to the medical community and swore to uphold the Hippocrates oath. But, of course, we know that doctors are no more moral and ethical than other non-medical individuals. Knowing the value of documentation, I began keeping a journal of those unusual happenings. I not only studied my notes for clues about who was involved and how they conducted their handiwork but I also performed research on microchip implants and their use in electronic torture and mind control over the internet. The result of that research revealed that other people who claimed that they hosted microchip implants had suffered similar experiences. Many of their symptoms paralleled mine. In addition to those firsthand accounts, I found other data on the internet using the keywords “microchips, microchip implants, electronic torture, and mind control.” Although most of the articles took a particular slant on the topics, e.g., the Illuminati, the CIA, government control, etc., they all contained useful information.
Knowledge about my harassers and their modus operandi evolved slowly. More than six months went by before I knew the extent of their capability. Finally, however, I found out from experience that through the microchip implant and the computer program that operated with it, my torturers were able to perform the following actions:
(1) Monitor my movements.
(2) Hear and record my conversations along with those with whom I talked. The harassers occasionally played back to me through the inner ear excerpts of some of those conversations.
(3) See my body during those movements and also when I was immobile (especially when I slept) in 3-D. They can zoom in on any part of the body and see that part much like a cat scan views the body. I do not yet know whether they view my body in true color or black and white. Nor do I know whether the device allows them to see my front and back simultaneously.
(4) Apply a variety of torture techniques to my body. Those include: (a) sending pain and a sensation of pin pricks in my shoulders, face, elbows, and other areas, (b) bombarding my body with electrical jolts and tremors, (c) zapping my brain with laser-like rays that make a clicking/crackling sound, attempting to destroy brain cells (d) causing severe cramping, mainly in my legs, and numbness in my limbs from the base of the spinal column to my toes, (e) making me cough through pinpricking the inside of my throat and causing a partial erection by touching the inside of the urethra, and (f) causing headaches, stomach aches, and dizziness.
(5) Transmit voices either into my brain or into my inner ear and also project voices and other sounds through objects near me, i.e., the TV, a PC, and other electrical devices and even into the open air near me. Sounds may take the form of knocking on your door (when there is nobody there), dogs barking (when there are no dogs around), and birds cooing or singing (when there are no birds).
(6) READ MY THOUGHTS. Several manufacturers have developed microchip programs with that capability. At first, the program picked up only a few one and two syllable words. Now, however, those thoughts appear on their computer monitor in their entirety, probably somewhat like automated, computerized captions for the hearing impaired on TV. I know this because I often heard the terrorists repeating my thoughts, almost as fast as I developed them. They often used to repeat my silent prayers, with the reader’s voice
only a word or so behind my words .

To be fair and equitable, some pages of a "professional", "traditional" but not malevolent psychiatric  sourceshould be quoted, since certainly a not indifferent lot of people suffers for a real SCHIZOPHRENIA: a so serious illness has anyhow be better known and better distinguished moreover to better can being PREVENTED on childhood and/or at least to really and thoroughly to effectually care the actual ailing people.

Auditory Hallucinations: What's It Like Hearing Voices? Hearing what others can’t hear

style="font-family: mistral;"> You are in a crowd when you hear your name. You turn, looking for the speaker. No one meets your gaze. It dawns on you that the voice you heard must have sprung from your own mind.
style="font-family: mistral;"> This foray into the uncanny is as close as most people come to experiencing auditory hallucinations or “hearing voices” a condition that affects 70% of patients with schizophrenia and 15% of patients with mood disorders such as mania or depression. For these individuals, instead of hearing just one’s name, voices produce a stream of speech, often vulgar or derogatory (You are a fat whore, Go to hell) or a running commentary on one’s most private thoughts. The compelling aura of reality about these experiences often produces distress and disrupts thought and behavior. The sound of the voice is sometimes that of a family member or someone from one’s past, or is like that of no known person but has distinct and immediately recognizable features (say, a deep, growling voice). Often certain actual external sounds, such as fans or running water, become transformed into perceived speech. One patient described the recurrence of voices as akin to being in a constant state of mental rape. In the worst cases, voices command the listener to undertake destructive acts such as suicide or assault. But hearing voices is not necessarily a sign of mental illness, so understanding the mechanics of auditory hallucinations is crucial to understanding schizophrenia and related disorders. What remains unaddressed is the root cause of abnormal brain activations. We are pursuing three intertwined ideas. The first is based on studies suggesting that schizophrenia patients suffer from reduced brain connectivity. As a result, certain groups of neurons, such as those responsible for producing and perceiving language, may begin to function autonomously, beyond the control or influence of other brain systems. It is as if the string section of the orchestra suddenly decided to play its own music, disregarding everyone else. The second idea is that deprivation of social interaction — namely human conversation — makes the brain more likely to produce hallucinated conversations. Often one of the first signs of schizophrenia—occurring well before manifestations such as hearing voices — is social isolation. Indeed, sensory deprivation can produce hallucinations in the sense mode that is deprived. An example is Charles Bonnet Syndrome, where visual impairments in the elderly can produce visions of human figures. Could the absence of actual spoken human conversation — a cornerstone of day-to-day human intellect and creativity—produce hallucinated conversations? Recall the extreme isolation that preceded the appearance of Rilke’s startling voice. Third, heightened emotions may play a role in producing voices. Indeed, heightened emotionality prompts the brain to produce information consonant with that emotional state. For example, a low mood favors generation of thoughts that are themselves depressing. It is possible that intense states of emotion could pre-select and perhaps elicit from the brain certain verbal messages having the same emotional charge.

Testimonianze - in inglese di epoche differenti - e documentazioni iconografiche

Blanche: scene no flash

Without the flash I am radiant.

Blanche: scene with flash

The one
with flash does not show the light coming from me

(Dall'ampia documentazione sperimentale del "caso 8" delle #richieste di aiuto del file Microchips impiantati nel corpo umano

The invisible crime

I have over two-thousand (2000) MRI images, most of which show foreign objects, including foreign objects that have been inserted between the outside of the skull and the scalp. All images, show symmetrical and corresponding patterns of placement.
In MRI IMAGE #6, it is possible to actually see the "stimoceiver electrodes", embedded deep within the ear sockets, under the temporal plates. The neural implants are also clearly visible in several of the MRI images I have sent to you. Implants within the eyes and ears can be clearly seen in the profile of the head, in the MRI images.

profile with implants circled
I have six ULTRASOUND images that clearly show identical foreign objects. Each is exactly 1 centimeter in length(10mm). One in my navel, two, one within each eyebrow which can be felt with the finger. The implants in my navel and within my eyebrows are very accessible, just beneath the surface of the skin and can easily be excised by a surgeon. The problem I have, is to find a surgeon who is willing to remove them. The Radiologist acknowledges and describes the implants fully in his report which I have.
Foreign object - suspected biochip implant with circle.
Ultrasound image showing foreign object, one above each eye, one in the navel. In the first image, from the navel, it is quite easy to see a microchip or biochip shaped foreign object. The object can be seen at the very top of the eye orbits as a "needle shaped" object. During the Ultrasound test, the Radiologist, Dr. Romero Babe, remarked that: "the foreign object was giving off a frequency, as if it were alive."
emanating a frequency
shoulder emanating
He also described them as non-metallic and that they were emanating a frequency, as if they were alive.

Photographs  #1,  #5,  #7  anomaly photographs clearly show a "blue capsule with green waves" emanating from it.

I have surgical scars at the exact same locations that the blue capsule and green waves appear next to. There are anomalies in every photograph. It is much easier to see at this scale
I would also like to share the details of my abductions, as well as show you all of my tiny surgical scars. I have over one-hundred and fifty (150) symmetrical, corresponding, tiny white surgical scars from head to toe.

Here is a good test to prove the existence of inner ear implants. I have noticed that when I use "Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Acoustic noise canceling headphones", I get loud feedback from the interference created by my inner ear implants. Ask one of the victims you know, to try these specific  headphones out at a store and use the demonstration unit.
If you have inner ear implants, when you turn the music up and press the headphones, very hard, into the ears, you will hear the sound of microphone feedback, like at an outdoor concert. This is further evidence, as it only happens to me, not other people.

Written on an answering mail another good test to prove the existence of inner ear implants.
The same thing happens to me.  I put on a sound amplifying headset in Radio Shack and it squealed loudly.  Here is a link to a demo of this  being done with a megaphone:
Detect Highly Advanced Bio-Chip Technology With A $10.00 Megaphone!

Italian victim and Protection possibility

AVae-m Associazione Vittime armi elettroniche-mentali: M.G. (F) caso censito n.10 - Ravenna

chip a forma di "fiocina"
Memo on the origin of the torture suffered by Mrs. MG for many years and the X-Rays delivered to Aisjca. 15-05-2006 The case M.G., came to light a year after a surgical operation was carried out in the Civic Hospital of her own city and was followed by extremely anomalous physical suffering. Ten years of research amongst many medical and cultural institutes, receiving only negative responses to the question of whether such science-fiction technology could exist in Italy: and finally via internet in 2005 I was able to discover the existence of this technology and then of the Avae-m. X-Ray shows microchip in the left ear.

But the greatly summarised description of this case – to which can be added on request interesting particulars deriving from a consultancy with the above cited Institute of Biopsychocibernetics – should be integrated with the specific indications of HOW one can construct a possible home-made instrument of protection .

I read the e-mail only yesterday, and reply to the request. For over two years I have used a type of Faraday’s cage, which I built using four pieces of metallic mosquito net sewn together in pairs, one to obtain the exact measurements of the bed (180x150) which I placed between the base of the bed and the mattress. With the two widest pieces I was able to find I obtained an over-cover which I can tuck in around the bed and which is elevated above my head. Once having lifted up the corner and got into bed (at the beginning it was uncomfortable but you get used to it) I can replace it from inside between the bed and the mattress. I have also connected this with a metal wire to the radiator. This type of hood is quite rigid, once it has taken on the shape of the bed it keeps it also when it is moved to make the bed. With this system I can’t say I have totally eliminated the disturbance of the voices, which I regularly hear before and after sleep, always the same voices, but earthed by this kind of shield I manage to relax and sleep better and so I think I will continue to use it while it is necessary.

By: HM-InnovationsElectronic harassment directed-energy gang stalking
Un esempio diretto di molestie tecnologiche continue è come dice il nome il Mind Mangler:
an annoyatron version of the think geek annoyatron. using a 555 timer chip we were able to create a small device that emits a high pitch humming sound that makes it almost impossible to find and detect.
HM-Innovations: 555 Mind Mangler
By HM-Innovations

To complete the sub-chapter enigmatic accident we propose images and moreover a far-reaching link SCIENTIFIC researches. / A completamento proponiamo due delle numerosissime figure documentanti un'accurata serie di ricerche e fotografie:
Impacts de tirs lasers sur une de mes jambes et gonflement du mollet à cause du signal qui provoque dans mon corps une surpression. / Capture avec un caméscope d'un faisceau sur l'Arc de Triomphe
Posted by JOHN FINCH on April 12, 2013 at 8:10am
Impacts de tirs lasers sur une de mes jambesSerge LabrèzeCapture avec un caméscope d'un faisceau sur l'Arc de Triomphe

Controllo e torture mentali e fisiche. Controllo e torture mentali a distanza

World Wide MCmailteam Blog: WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT AGAINST ABUSE OF REMOTE MANIPULATION WEAPONSYou can help us with more maillists
 We also need email lists for all AUTHORITIES, INSTITUTIONS, LEADERS, ORGANISATIONS, CORPORATIONS etc. WORLDWIDE that we don't already have.
A) We still need LISTS for as many POLITICS, PSYCHOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE, MEDICINE, LAW, HISTORY etc. departments, staff and associations at as many UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES and INSTITUTIONS WORLDWIDE as we can get.
B) We still need LISTS for as many top level MILITARY AND SECURITY PEOPLE, ORGANISATIONS AND ESTABLISHMENTS worldwide as we can get.
C) We still need LISTS for all the CORPORATIONS, INSTITUTIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS etc. involved in the development and production of these technologies. For example:-Raytheon, Lockeed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics and United technologies, SAIC and all the others.
D) We still need LISTS for RELIGIOUS HEAD OFFICES, INSTITUTIONS, ORDERS, CLERGY AND MEMBERS WORLDWIDE etc..If everyone could supply at least one EMAIL LIST it would help. And any other influential or powerful organisations and people that you can think of.
E) We need email lists of all these people and organisations - so we can make them aware of these technologies and crimes - and any other influential or powerful organisations and people that you can think of! Please make LISTS and send them to us at as WORD DOCUMENTS or IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL.

Plants and Molecular Mutagenesis

Prima di entrare in argomento con esempi soprattutto iconografici è opportuno puntualizzare un incisivo rimando ai tre possibili grandi gruppi di fattori MUTAGENI cioè quei fattori agenti sulla catena del DNA, della trasmissione dei carattteri genetici: a partire dagli inziali e più semplici virus fino agli organismi più complessi - comprese le nascite umane - per arrivare alle cellule staminali totipotenti comprese anche quelle il cui sviluppo indiscriminato può evolvere in forme CANCEROSE, e anche in forme cancerose ANOMALE. Di questi possibili fattori mutageni il primo, cioè quello CHIMICO, è in fondo il meno pericoloso: la sostanza chimica può venir o meno distrutta o trasformata - vedi amianto - ma comunque rimane tale e quantitativamente se mai può decrescre nel tempo. Non così le altre due: la radioattività rende radioattivo quanto la circonda e se descresce nel tempo questo avviene con una lentezza che va ben oltre la durata della vita umana; ma il peggio del peggio è la MUTAZIONE della catena genetica: da organismi virali trasformti se non "nuovi" che diventano patogeni con modalità prima sconosciute, all'intera modificazione della catena alimentare, dalla nascita di esseri deformi allo sviluppo di nuove mutazioni nelle generazion successive, per finire - riassuntivamente - alla formazione inaspettata e "nuova" di forme tumorali maligne più aggressive e incontrollabili anche per le modificazioni anch'esse impreviste del sistema immunitario degli organismi complessi.

Una serie di esempi di fiori e piante deformi trovate in terreni inquinati da cromo esavalente, diossine ecc. Il fiore non dovrebbe essere pericolo ma il fatto che cresca in un 'area inquinata, dove i bambini vanno a giocare...
tarassaco deforme
Il filmato è stato girato dove c'era la Materferro della Fiat. Il tarassaco è una specie vegetale commestibile utilizzata per preparare insalate; quando cresce in aree inquinate da agenti mutageni,...
La Fergat produceva cerchioni per autovetture. I cerchioni venivano trattati con acidi e solventi prima della verniciatura. E' possibile che una parte dei veleni della ex Fergat sia sotterrata in ...
Allegate quattro foto di tarassaco deforme, trovato a Torino in via Tirreno.
Pellerina "area verde" campo giochi ... 9 aprile 2009 Torino. Il tarassaco è una specie vegetale commestibile utilizzata per preparare insalate; quando cresce in aree inquinate da agenti mutageni, subisce delle alterazioni che si evidenziano con deformazioni ...
Commento. Esempi di fasciazione in tarassaco: si osservano gambi trasformati in larghe lamine incapaci di sorreggere i fiori, che appaiono moltiplicati e fusi tra loro con deformità vistose. Anche i soffioni sono mutati con un aspetto lanuginoso e con un debole gambo nastriforme.
17/4/2009 - L'Università rassicura, ma nessuno si prende la briga di fare i test di laboratorio.
Il che prospetta la raccolta di campioni ed una serie di esami per capire fino in fondo cause e dinamica della mutazione.

tarassaco deforme
tarassaco deforme
tarassaco deforme
Puntuale il giorno successivo alla pubblicazione di questo articolo in cronaca de La Stampa - con un presunto scopo di "tranquillizzare" l'opinione pubblica - lo stesso giornale riporta commenti più denigratori che critici ipotizzanti con un titolo ironico non certo adatto alla pricolosità intrinseca di una simile prospettiva - c - fanno riferimento ad una eventuale causa virale sconosciuta trasmessa da un altrettanto sconosciuto insetto.
Ma se così fosse è lecito avere il coraggio di scherzare senza essere in grado di rilevare la portata dell'esistenza e attività di MUTAZIONI da causa biologica - sia genetica intrineca che, ben peggio, geneticamente MUTATA VIRALE? Mutazione invece di gravità incommensurabilmente più terrificante di quanto prospettato nell'articolo sopracitato, in cui il sospetto di agenti mutageni era piuttosto indirizzato nei confronti di sostanze chimiche di origine industriale - è possibile che una parte dei veleni della ex Fergat sia sotterrata. Studi e ricerche successive anche nella stessa zona hanno comunque rivelato altri possibili fattori mutageni: addirittura una stranissima fonte di RADIOATTIVITA' molto più diffusa e anomala di quanto logicamente immaginabile. E anche contro queste rivelazioni si è scatenata un campagna mediatica per ... "difendere l'opinione pubblica da che cerca di spargere il terrore".
APR 15 2009 L’ECOWEBRADIO intervista la Professoressa Maria Lodovica Gullino sulle patologie dei vegetali. Allarme inquinamento?
Abbiamo chiamato un luminare, Professore ordinario di Patologia vegetale presso la Scuola di Biotecnologie dell’Università di Torino, è Direttore del Centro di Competenza per l’Innovazione in campo agro-ambientale e agro-alimentare (AGROINNOVA), Presidente dell’International Society for Plant Pathology (ISPP) per il periodo 2008-2013 e Vice-Rettore per l’Internazionalizzazione dell’Università della città di Torino.
Torino. Se tutto va bene, il tarassaco-mutante - la grottesca caricatura del comune fiore di girasole -, si è beccato l’influenza. E nemmeno le margherite stanno troppo bene, come dimostrano le foto scattate ieri mattina da esperti di Arpa nei pressi della Pellerina. Questo il primo responso del Dipartimento di valorizzazione e protezione delle risorse agroforestali dell’Università di Torino (Divapra), che in attesa di ulteriori accertamenti ha visionato le fotografie scattate giovedì scorso dal dottor Roberto Topino. I mostriciattoli vegetali spuntati in ordine sparso in diverse aree della città, alcune interessate da precedenti lavorazioni industriali, non deriverebbero dalla contaminazione dei terreni. Nessuna correlazione diretta. Più semplicemente, sarebbero affetti da un imprecisato fitoplasma, una specie di virus, trasmesso al tarassaco (e a quanto pare, pure alla margherita) da un imprecisato insetto. L’animaletto, portatore sano del virus, punge la pianta per succhiare la linfa e così facendo la infetta. La reazione è sotto gli occhi di tutti. Nessun raffreddore: in compenso le piantine «mutano» assumendo forme abnormi. Stando agli esperti, al 95% le cose dovrebbero essere andate in questo modo. ... Di certo non è un gran bel vedere: fanno fede le segnalazioni che ieri hanno tempestato la redazione de La Stampa e la sede di «Agroinnova», il centro di competenza agro-ambientale dell’Università. A Torino, e non solo, in parecchi si sono accorti di avere qualche piccolo alieno nel giardino di casa. La buona notizia è che, a quanto pare, il fenomeno non presenta pericoli: nè per chi accidentalmente si cibasse delle piantine (l’insalata coltivata in città è sconsigliata a prescindere), nè per le piante medesime. Ovviamente l’aspetto sanitario è quello che preme al Comune, il quale si affida alle competenze dell’Università. «Attendiamo che gli esperti facciano il loro lavoro e ci rassicurino oltre ogni ragionevole dubbio», spiega l’assessore Domenico Mangone (Ambiente).

Unforeseen radio-activity

le zone classificate possono essere ZONE CONTROLLATE o ZONE SORVEGLIATE. Titoletto: "Le bugie hanno le gambe - purtroppo - non corte ma ben credute"
Lying will get you nowhere?
 Not: the lies can become trust for commonplace people and  also for media and Authorities.

Partendo dalle pagine di You Tube dedicate a video in mteria di "nucleare" è opportuno un commento retrospettivo a proposito di Saluggia, copiato da quanto si trova scritto nel Meet-up di Beppe Grillo di Torino del marzo 2006 quando finalmente e timidamente si parlava della riapertura delle attività di Saluggia / Sogin - società che ha in gestione tutto il patrimonio nucleare italiano dismesso.
Non ho tempo di venire alla manifestazione ma posso presentare una testimonianza di PRIMA MANO relativa a Saluggia ed alla grande alluvione dell'autunno 1994.
Intanto per prima cosa riferisco che tutti i mezzi di comunicazione, comprese le rice-trasmittenti interne dei ferrovieri in servizio, alle dieci del mattino del lunedì successivo all'esondazione massima, dicevano che Torino era assolutamente isolata. Bene: entrando alle undici a Milano Centrale con il treno di Bologna, inequivocabilmente si poteva sentire l'altoparlante annunciare l'arrivo ... del treno da Torino! (partito quindi ben prima delle dieci!)
Allora e per molto tempo dopo tutti i mezzi di comunicazione strillavano "Brandizzo! Brandizzo!".
Il treno - "fantasma" secondo i media - per Torino delle undici e venti era in perfettissimo orario, dotato anche del carrellino "caffé. coca-cola ecc.” e passava come se niente fosse con le ruote dentro l'acqua incrociando pure il corrispettivo per Milano.
Ma chi era dentro il treno dai finestrini poteva ovviamente vedere bene quello che c'era fuori: ebbene a Brandizzo NON c'era niente di speciale se confrontato con il mare che copriva SALUGGIA.
(Di Saluggia e delle conseguenze di quell'alluvione se ne è parlato solo nel 2006: undici anni dopo o quasi!)
Questo commento era stato spedito anche in inglese a una larga lista di corrispondenti esteri.... Risposte: nessuna né dall’Italia né da altrove!)

Queste altre testimonianze iniziano dal 2000 e quindi non segnalano quanto possa aver contribuito l'alluvione del 1994 all'inquinamento radioattivo di TUTTA la valle del Po e dell'Adriatico, ma appaiono ben documentate e controllabili.

Ciao sono VIKY UNIVERSO, parliamo di incidenti nucleari avvenuti in Italia... dove si muore di cancro... in percentuali elevate... rapportate al numero di abitanti.

Come sempre NON è nostra intenzione stigmatizzare un "colpevole" come causa prima di un fenomeno o di un altro, bandire una crociata a senso unico contro questo o quello o quell'altro agente inquinante sia chemichal poisons che fisico fino ad essere mutageno. Approfittiamo invece dell'evidenza di queste anomalie per abbinarne la corrispondenza territoriale con rilevamenti atti a individuarne una possibile causa. La RADIOATTIVITA' è facilmente misurabile anche nelle sue variazioni nel tempo attraverso una metodica tecnologicamente precisa: un semplice contatore Geiger è in grado di registrare i grafici dell'andamento, e in questo caso ben si presta a venir filmato perché dotato di un evidentissimo display molto ... fotogenico.
Autore delle fotografie di piante deformi e dei filmati linkati, il dottor Roberto Topino scriveva:
Ho fatto un giro intorno a casa mia e ho scritto alcuni brevi appunti. Associazioni di idee.
Ho sentito più volte dire che le scorie dell’inceneritore del Gerbido di Torino potranno essere utilizzate come sottofondo stradale. L’inceneritore avrà bisogno di una discarica di servizio per rifiuti pericolosi da circa 150.000 tonnellate all’anno. Quante strade vogliono fare? Come gli è venuta un’idea simile? Non sarà mica che già in passato qualche rifiuto speciale, magari radioattivo, è finito nei sottofondi stradali?I lavori più recenti, che comportano grandi movimenti di terra, sono quelli in corso del passante ferroviario a Torino. Valori superiori a 0,60 µSv/h rivelano la presenza di una fonte radioattiva.
In Finlandia la soglia di allarme è stabilita in 0,40 µSv/h. Probabilmente adesso qualche tecnico comunale dirà che non c’è nessun pericolo per la salute e che è solo come una radiografia alla settimana… Non dimentichiamo che il valore è stato riscontrato all’aperto e che la fonte radioattiva si trova coperta da uno strato di cemento e pietre, quindi già abbondantemente isolata.Cosa c’è sotto?

Geigerzähler Gamma-Scout Online
Il contatore Geiger passando dal centro strada al cantiere segnala che il dato sale vertiginosamente di quasi 20 volte, fino a 1,48 µSv/h.
L'ARPA ha dichiarato ai giornali che la radioattività del granito è "naturale" (!)
Alcuni materiali da costruzione, quali il tufo ed il granito, sono naturalmente radioattivi, anche se in misura generalmente debole. Vi è poi la possibilità che alcuni materiali, quali i tondini di ferro usati nelle armature di pavimenti e strutture portanti siano contaminati da scorie radioattive durante il processo di fusione.
Incidenti come quello del giugno 1998 in una fonderia del sud della Spagna, dove 'per sbaglio' sono finiti materiali ferrosi contenenti Cesio-137 pongono in evidenza il pericolo di contaminazione.
Come l'elettrosmog, anche la radioattività è un inquinante invisibile e non percepibileIndice di attività che fornisce un valore complessivo pesato (tenendo conto dell'energia specifica delle radiazioni emesse dai singoli isotopi): I=ATh/200 + ARa/300 + AK/3000 (secondo la raccomandazione Radiation Protection 112 della Commissione Europea, questo indice deve essere almeno minore di 1) (vedi tabella) in nessun modo dall'uomo. Per cautelarsi è possibile ricorrere a misure di radioattività tramite opportuni strumenti, quali i contatori Geiger. I certificati di analisi di radioattività dei materiali da costruzione dovrebbero indicare la radioattività dei principali isotopi (Potassio 40, radio-226 e torio 232) ovvero il cosiddetto

Scritto da Roberto Topino  domenica 10 maggio 2009
L'ARPA ha dichiarato ai giornali che la radioattività "naturale" del granito non è pericolosa.
Premesso che anche la radioattività dell'uranio è "naturale", il fatto è che alcuni lavoratori ignari maneggiano delle lastre radioattive senza aver ricevuto alcuna informazione sui possibili rischi a cui sono esposti, in spregio delle severe (?) leggi che dovrebbero prevenire gli infortuni e le malattie professionali. Il D.Lgs. 241/2000 prescrive l'obbligo di classificare gli ambienti di lavoro sottoposti a regolamentazione per motivi di protezione contro le radiazioni ionizzanti. Le zone classificate possono essere ZONE CONTROLLATE o ZONE SORVEGLIATE. E' classificata zona controllata ogni area di lavoro ove sussiste per i lavoratori ivi operanti il rischio di superamento di uno qualsiasi dei seguenti valori: - 6 mSv/anno per esposizione globale o di equivalente di dose efficace; - 45 mSv/anno per il cristallino; - 150 mSv/anno per la pelle, mani, avambracci, piedi, caviglie. E' classificata zona sorvegliata ogni area di lavoro, che non debba essere classificata zona controllata, ove sussiste per i lavoratori ivi operanti il rischio di superamento di uno qualsiasi dei seguenti valori - 1 mSv/anno per esposizione globale o di equivalente di dose efficace; - 15 mSv/anno per il cristallino; - 50 mSv/anno per la pelle, mani, avambracci, piedi, caviglie. Non serve fare molti calcoli per capire che l'area andrebbe classificata come zona sorvegliata. Il rispetto della legge pare essere opzional e si preferisce non allarmare i cittadini tacendo la verità

Ed ecco il seguito: giovedì 04 giugno 2009
Oggi ho parlato con un lavoratore di 30 anni, che per 7 anni si è occupato della posa delle lastre di granito radioattivo. Se il rischio per la popolazione secondo l'ARPA è nullo, come tre radiografie in un anno (che non sono poche soprattutto per bambini e gestanti), il rischio per chi ha lavorato per 7 anni quelle pietre è stato sicuramente notevole. [Un] lavoratore ... è disponibile a raccontare la sua storia.
In particolare riferisce di non essere mai stato informato del fatto che quelle pietre erano radioattive.
Le fattispecie di rilevanza penale cominciano ad essere numerose.

Prendere provvedimenti contro chi semina il terrore
Allarme, il marciapiede è radioattivo  mercoledì 27 maggio 2009
Spina 1, il caso esplode sul web. L'Arpa: vero, ma non c'è pericolo di Federica Cravero
All'inizio era un esperimento empirico divulgato sul web, adesso è arrivata la conferma dell'Arpa: le pietre dei marciapiedi della Spina 1 sono radioattive. Nessun pericolo per la salute dei cittadini, ma certo adesso sono in molti a chiedersi se per le prossime pose non sia il caso di scegliere altre pietre non radioattive.
È passato un mese da quando i primi allarmi sono stati lanciati su internet da un medico che aveva scoperto alte concentrazioni di radiazioni sulle lastre grigie che pavimentano corso Mediterraneo, corso Lione e corso Castelfidardo, in prossimità del Politecnico. Lastre di sienite, una specie di granito che secondo il progetto coprirà tutta la lunghezza della Spina nata sopra il passante ferroviario.
Visto il tamtam che stava correndo tra i blog il Comune aveva predisposto dei controlli sui marciapiedi.
E adesso che abbiamo visto che non ci sono pericoli per la salute vedremo se prendere provvedimenti contro chi semina il terrore, affermava l'assessore all'Ambiente Domenico Mangone.

Giovedì 04 giugno 2009
Riporto testualmente un servizio andato in onda su Canale Italia.
Armato di questo apparecchietto giallo, che misura la radioattività, un medico torinese aveva iniziato a percorrere le strade della città e ormai da diverse settimane caricava i filmati su internet. Luogo per luogo, mostrava i valori di radioattività, di gran lunga superiori alla norma. Un caso su tutti, quello del cantiere, che si estende nell'area tra corso Lione, corso Mediterraneo e il Politecnico di Torino. Ora arriva la conferma. La colpa è di queste lastre di granito, o meglio una particolare tipologia: la sienite, che in questo caso contiene radionuclidi naturali [uranofane: Ca(UO2)2[SiO3(OH)]2 5H2O: notare il simbolo chimico dell'OSSIDO DI URANIO] in concentrazioni superiori alla media. Un fulmine a ciel sereno per il comune che aveva predisposto la pavimentazione con questa tipologia di granito per un lungo tratto. Ma la preoccupazione tra chi abita in quelle zone aumentava di giorno in giorno. Il tam tam sulla rete ha obbligato il comune ad un controllo approfondito. Che ha di fatto confermato l'incremento dei livelli in prossimità delle lastre.
Roberto Topino, il medico-reporter, era stato molto chiaro nella descrizione dei filmati caricati su internet. Un valore superiore a 0.60 microsievert/ora, come si vede dall'apparecchietto in queste immagini, rivela chiaramente la presenza di una fonte radioattiva. E metteva in guardia sui pericoli per i lavoratori, che maneggiano tutti i giorni lastre di fatto radioattive. A lui il merito di questa scoperta. Il risultato è confermato ufficialmente, pur ridimensionandone di molto i pericoli. Eppure l'assessore all'ambiente del comune di Torino afferma che ora sta studiando se prendere provvedimenti... testualmente "contro chi semina il terrore".


Io - Roberto Topino - mia moglie ed un collaboratore di Beppe Grillo, Marco Bava, abbiamo deciso di fare un esposto per la questione della radioattività riscontrata sul passante ferroviario. Il problema non riguarda tanto i livelli riscontrati, quanto il fatto che la radioattività non sia stata misurata in fase di realizzazione dei marciapiedi e i lavoratori non siano stati informati su cosa maneggiavano, senza dimenticare che nessun cittadino era al corrente della presenza di una fonte radioattiva. Per il momento siamo in tre a sottoscrivere l'esposto, probabilmente si uniranno anche alcuni lavoratori del passante.
Il granito radioattivo a Torino e la documentazione dell’ARPA - per saperne di più...
da una mail del 24 luglio 2009:
Nella città di Torino, con i lavori del passante ferroviario e con le recenti ristrutturazioni, hanno messo granito radioattivo un po’ dappertutto: corso Mediterraneo, corso Castelfidardo, corso Lione, via Po, via Garibaldi, piazza IV marzo, piazza Arbarello, corso Siccardi, via Cernaia, piazza Castello, piazza Palazzo di Città, Porta Palazzo e dintorni. “Casualmente” non lo hanno messo intorno alla nuova Procura della Repubblica...

Ho parlato con i lavoratori, che materialmente hanno posato quel granito e ho imparato a riconoscere quello radioattivo. Il granito radioattivo è in buona parte costituito da Sienite della Balma.
l nome Sienite deriva da Siene (Assuan Egitto) da cui queste roccie hanno preso il nome, contiene quarzo in quantità tale da essere fatta rientrare nelle gronodioriti. In Italia la Sienite tipica è la Sienite della Balma, che costituisce una zona del plutone di Biella differenziata da granito a monzonite...
la Sienite della Balma è famosa in tutto il mondo per le sue caratteristiche di elevata resistenza al calpestio, basti pensare che è stata usata in Aeroporti, Porti (New York), Stazioni Ferroviarie (Milano Centrale, Roma Termini), Piazze e Vie (Torino, Milano. ecc), sopratutto come bordure a spacco, cubetti, e pietre di camminamento, ma anche come pavimentazioni levigate, lucide, fiammate.
La Cava di Sienite della Balma Gamma ha rappresentato sin dagli anni 50 il nome Sienite tra gli operatori del settore. Quando si parla di Sienite è inevitabile collegarlo al nome Gamma.
(Attualmente la supersfruttata cava della Balma risulta "esaurita".)
Informazione privata: la strada è vietata quando si giunge nei pressi delle cave ora in attività.

Cosa dice l’ARPA?
La struttura dell’ARPA che si occupa di radiazioni ionizzanti ha elaborato un documento sulla radioattività in con particolare riguardo al Radon, precisando che:
Il Radon
• Il radon è in realtà il responsabile della maggior parte della dose ricevuta dalla popolazione.
• Si valuta che il 10-15 % dei tumori polmonari in Italia siano attribuibili al radon (è la seconda causa dopo il fumo).
• Rappresenta quindi, sicuramente, la componente radiologica di maggior rischio.
Un altro documento dell’ARPA parla del Radon
Le campagne di misure radon in : Le misure nella Valle del Cervo (BI)
Si tratta di una piccola vallata alpina che si apre a nord della città di Biella. Essa è caratterizzata dalla presenza di quello che i geologi chiamano un plutone granodioritico, cioè rocce intrusive magmatiche, nelle quali le concentrazioni di radionuclidi naturali (Uranio e Torio) sono superiori alla media. Gli studi sulla presenza del radon in quest’area vennero condotti inizialmente dall’Istituto di Fisica Generale Applicata dell’Università di Milano. Successivamente, approfondimenti vennero effettuati anche per iniziativa dagli e di Ivrea (ora LSP di Vercelli ARPA), anche in collaborazione con l’ARPA.
In questa zona è evidentissima la correlazione tra il substrato roccioso presente e i livelli di radon: la granodiorite, detta anche Sienite della Balma, contiene infatti una considerevole quantità di Uranio (350-400 Bq/kg circa) e di Torio (300 Bq/kg), oltre che di K-40 (circa 1000 Bq/kg). Di conseguenza, notevoli sono anche, in questa zona, i livelli di dose g: si possono infatti misurare ratei di dose fino a 1 mGy/h.
Per questi motivi, la Valle del Cervo può senza dubbio considerarsi un’area ad alta radioattività naturale, probabilmente paragonabile, per quanto riguarda i livelli complessivi di dose (g+radon), a quelle ben più note e famose nel mondo - ad esempio, il Kerala, in India - anche se di dimensioni estremamente ridotte e scarsamente abitata - una buona parte delle abitazioni dei paesi della Valle fungono in realtà da "seconda casa", occupate perlopiù nel periodo estivo.
Viene spontaneo chiedersi: ben sapendo che quel granito era tra i più radioattivi al mondo era il caso di utilizzarlo a Torino, in aree frequentate e dove è possibile persino sedersi sopra - vedi panchine del parco della Reggia di Venaria?

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This present file - so full of new criminal data - can in exchange answer to this ask and improve its learnings to support the general criminal knowledge.
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(The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein - Chapter 1 - The Torture Lab.
Ewen Cameron, the CIA and the maniacal quest to erase and remake the human mind, and its excerpts shared by A technical overview of mind control tactics.
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